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Date: August 22nd 1917
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

No 19.
C.M.H.E. – 22/8/17.

Dear Dad,

There was another small mail in this week, but I only got one letter, Mother’s of Aug 2nd. There sure is a difference tho, as we get a mail every week now.

I am enclosing some of the Irish snaps, but more will follow later, and a few films that I had loaned to one of the Sisters. Nerta will take care of them.

I have your letter written the Sunday following your return from Kingston, and am glad you enjoyed the water trip. What on earth are you switching to 0 size Omega for? They are rotten compared with the [?], very tight steady pins and not half the hairspring finish. I don’t think they have any bracelet watch to touch the Mars. either. Their bracelets were always poor style too. Unless it is since I left, I don’t think any of them can touch Levy’s on watches. Did you ever get the illustration I sent of the Stevel bracelet? And have Levy shown any? I am having my watch cleaned, glass & hand 6/6, it was not keeping the best of time, and I have broken quite a few glasses in it lately. I feel down the (cement) cellar stairs about a month ago, with a case of six full soda syphons, and sure jarred the watch some, to say nothing of myself.

I weigh 145 and feel very well now. Not very busy as the relieving L.M, does not work us too hard. I get two or more afternoons a week also, & print during the day, whenever I want to.

Too bad Maddock has those Casseroles. Possibly he bought them from one of the fancy goods houses, as I imagine they sell to them.

Hope you are all well, and having a little better weather.

Your affectionate son,

These V.P.K. size prints of the sisters I cannot duplicate.


Nert, please show these Irish pictures to Ida Perry, as she knows Mc. Camis girl in Ingersoll.


Original Scans

Original Scans