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Date: August 11th 1917
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

No 16
Eastbourne 11/8/17

Dear Dad,

Here I am back at work again, and will resume regular letters. I wrote irregularly while away, just when I had time. Found plenty of letters and papers on my return also parcel from Mother, with sugar, honey etc & in good condition. Thanks very much.

I took about 100 pictures, and developed some last night, they are pretty good, but took long chances on some, so cannot expect good results from all.

Surprised to hear of your going to Ottawa & Kingston, why these places? Hope you had a good time tho. The holiday will do you good.

Business surely keeps up well.

I am most unfortunate in not seeing Walter Barnard. He was here a couple of days after I went on pass. He got into conversation with one of our Sgts, in a theatre down town & found out I was stationed here, but away. He wrote me before leaving town Sgt. Mulvey said he is the finest looking soldier he has ever seen, and we see a few too. I am so sorry to have missed him.

We arrived home Thursday 7.30 P.M., having spent a day in London and a day in Dublin. I went to that address, Mother gave me, for this. White, it is their residence, and he was out, but his sister was at home and most glad to see me, I only had about fifteen minutes there tho. She asked to be remembered to everyone, particularly, Uncle Willie, Aunt Edith, & Grandpa. I think Aunt Edith writes to them sometimes. If she can give me the Sister’s name & address, I will write her occasionally. We sure had some time in Ireland & it is some place all right. I hope to go again, before returning to Canada.

O! I know now why Kingston, it is that insurance business. I thought they fixed that up a couple of years ago.

You have been making some clean up on 6 sizes, it sure is fine to see them go.

Sure glad Nert did so well, and Miriam too. It is worth while when they do that. I would rather see Nert in London or Hamilton, then she could be home over the week end & it would not be so lonely for “you all.”

I don’t mention my own health, as it is O.K. outside of my nerves. I am pretty jumpy all the time, but as long as I keep busy, am all right and they do not bother me at night at all, sleep like a top.

Glad your roses are so nice. It would be a good idea to add six or twelve bushes each year & you could make a regular hedge of the bushy ones.

Of course you know by now, that I have seen Geo Fairs & I think he is still here. Ward has been.

I am enclosing a postage stamp of the Irish Republic & for goodness sake take care of it as they are scarce, I sent you a postal card of it, and you might put the card stamp in the window but don’t let the sun on the stamp.

Vera Allen is married as you see by enclosed.



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