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Date: July 17th 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

Eastbourne 17/7/17.

Dear Nert,

It is just 4 P.M. and I am alone in the office with nothing to do, so it is a good time to write you 

First, there are a couple of things, I have been going to mention for some time, but believe I have forgotten. One is diary pages, and I am completely out of them, please send at once, then, at Seaford, I wrote you & Kansas City about two books, they were to send one here & one to you. I wrote you to pay for them when you received the bill. I have not heard from them, nor have you mentioned it, so I imagine the letters must have gone down. I will not do anything about them now tho, as I am too busy just now, and have enough stuff to carry ‘round.

I have been doing a few sepia prints lately on printing out paper & they are pretty good, mostly from old negatives tho. I have sold a few prints but have enough to do for myself to keep me busy. Will likely print off a bunch to-night & get a penny each for them, which just a little more than pays me. I am trying hard to get a small camera that will give better results, one like Floss has for example, but it is very hard to get small ones here now. Mine is fine except that there is very poor definition in distant views, and the shutter has not enough speeds. I don’t know whether I will be able to get what I want or not, but certainly can’t get a new one. Have tried to get a couple of second hand ones, but in both cases, they have been sold before my letter arrived. A druggist here, has a lady customer with one. Her husband is at the front and she does not use it, so has written to see if she may sell it. If she does, I will get it but till then, I will not do anything, as from its description, it is just what I want.

I have not been with Gladys for some time, “fed up” but go out with a friend of hers occasionally. Andrus & I go down on the prom. each night or nearly every night for a little while & come home about nine & do our printing etc., but after to-night, I think I will not do anything except the ones I print out during the day time, & will likely sell most of them.

Things around here are changing very little, our Major Brown has gone to France and one captain, probably two, expect to go any time, but don’t know what they will do with us. We have been boarded and I was marked A II, same as at Moore. This means fit for the front line, with three months training, but we have no further word of a split up yet.

Your loving brother,


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Original Scans