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Date: July 10th 1917
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

Letter No. 10
Eastbourne, 10/7/17

Dear Dad,

 Well I had the first auto ride to-day that I have had for some time. Had to go out in the country on business & went in our Ford, It is the first one the Can. Govt. brought over here so it is some car.

 I have had quite a little Canadian mail lately & have a couple of yours. Not sure that I have reported receiving orders No 2959 – 14/6/17.

 Will keep the receipt Mother sent me, but of course can’t use it now very well.

 Sorry Elbiers are not going very strong, hope they pick up, advertize them, notice you are not doing any at all.

 Surprised that the lilacs were not out early in June. Ours were out quite early but they say it is much colder than usual here. Some days are very warm, others quite cool and usually a cool breeze.

 Now don’t say anything, but I don’t consider Evans got much of a boost. Of course it is a good thing, but the man in charge before was a London man & a Major. He is in charge of No. 3 now. This hospital, I know very well & it is about half way up the hill, on top of which Moore Barracks is built only a few hundred yards further on. From here, they control something like fifty hospitals & it is a good deal of responsibility. I am not very anxious to get above Pte in this unit or even this service, the only thing I would like is a commission in the Air Service. There is too much for an N.C.A. to contend with here altho if there were some changes, I would like stripes here, but not at present. I could not go to Evans as I am A II and if I leave this unit would go to France immediately.

 You sure must have had some trip from Aylmer in the storm. It would have been much better to have waited till the storm was over.

 I thought Vas came over Sgt. Where is he, C.A.M.C.T.S. Shorncliffe? Unless he is a Sgt. Dispenser, he will likely have to revert to Pte. to get to France.

 Have to catch a bus at 6 P.M, so will fix up snaps & post this later. Those marked X. Nert will forward to Floss. Two or three I have not written on, hold them & I will explain them later. The distances in some are not clear, but that is because with this machine, I cannot give them time enough to stop the shutter down really small enough. The one I sent home allows for this, Nert will understand. I think I will make a change before long, if I can get what I want, but it is very hard.

 Your affectionate son,

W. Worth Davis.

It is 11 P.M. & I have to bathe yet, so will enclose snaps for Floss later.


Original Scans

Original Scans