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Date: July 6th 1917
Mother – (Mary Davis)
Worth Davis

No. 9. 
Eastbourne 6/7/17

Dear Nerta,

It is really a shame that I have missed writing the early part of this week. Tuesday, I had a whole day to myself & Andrus & I took the train to an old little town out of Hastings-Winchelsea and walked to Rye, taking the train back from there. We saw many good things of which I will send evidence later, I got some dandies.

 That night when we came home, we sat on the prom. till 9.15 & came home to bed. Wed. eve, it rained so I developed, last night I took one of the girls to the “Birth of A Nation,” which I of course enjoyed, altho it was the second time for me. To-night, I expect to see one of the girls & this aft, as Capt. Brock is away & I have nothing to do, I will try & print. To-morrow eve I am on picquet duty but Sunday, will likely be on the prom. again.

 Everything is going on about as usual here, we are fairly busy and every minute seems to be filled up. The only time I have is about half an hour after dinner when I usually lie down. It is just 11 A.M. now tho & I have my mornings work pretty well cleared up.

 I am glad your exams are over, and sure hope you have passed.

 Too bad Helen Q. is so sick. I surely hope she is soon around. Wish I could see Uncle Percy, but suppose I will have to wait a year or two.

 No – Do not put the snaps in an album please. While I have always tried to send you the best ones, some of them can be improved & I will fill up a book later. Take good care of them tho, as you never know what will happen & you may not be able to duplicate. Some cannot be now. I will soon have another book of 100 films to send & keep them in the safe.

I have been writing Floss quite regularly, but the mails are often held up. She has them now tho. What Sinclair was it who was asking for me? I thought he had left the school long ago, or were there two Sinclairs there since you went?

Well my Dear I have to run down to Meads to try & get a socket plug so I can print this afternoon so must close. Meads by the way is our village, a few stores, post office etc & a suburb of Eastbourne. Of course they must have the same council etc., but there are some nice little stores. Then old town is another suburb.

Your loving brother,



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