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Date: June 27th 1917
Mother – (Mary Davis)
Worth Davis

Letter No 8.
Eastbourne 27/6/17

Dear Mother,

Altho not my usual custom, I went down town last night, so am writing this at noon (Wed.). Andrus had to go to Hastings last night or rather in the afternoon, so I was alone, and went down to the band concert. When I returned I could not get into the office & my towels etc were all in here, so did not get my bath either. I don’t think I ever told you, that our rooms are right up at the top of the building and we don’t run up & down any more than we have to. I will likely be down again to-night as there is a band concert on the prom each night and it is so nice down there, but rather cool these nights.

Your letter of May 15th was very late and is post marked Field P.O. 185 so must have gone to France, you addressed No 10 Canadian Military Hospital, Army P,O., all letters should have 10th Can. Stn. Hosp on whether sent thro A.P.O. or direct here. Then if they do miscarry, that gives the record office the desired information. Also it is not necessary to put B.E.F. or C.E.F. on, if addressed this way. That rubber stamp address is correct, I got the papers you pasted it on, O.K.

If Alex Toogood, is not too bad, he is very lucky to be out of it, very few of the boys kick, when they get a “Blighty.”

It is funny about the shells that were fired at Seaford. They appear to be solid steel as if to pierce armored ships, and do not appear to be explosive although some were. It rather looks as if a sub or two had come up to look around New Haven & clear the way for an attack if they could. There are some funny things happen, that seem to have no reasonable explanation.

Am still on book work in L.M.’s office & expect to stay at it.

No Glad. was (& is) a clerk in a store near here. I know a nurse tho at another hosp. & was out with her for a few minutes last night, but she is on night duty. She is Andrus’ friend.

Must get to dinner.

Your loving son,

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