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Date: June 19th 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

Letter No 6.
Eastbourne 19/6/17.

Dear Nerta,

Well the excitement is all over again for a little while. The Col. returned from London, last night and called a parade for 11 A.M. to-day. We fully expected he would call for a draft for France, at once, but were disappointed. He said that regarding this rumor, he could only say that he had been assured that the unit would not be broken up, except it became an absolute necessity and that we would be moved to France in a very short time. This may of course mean weeks or months, there is no telling. We all hated to see the unit broken up, but were tickled with the idea of getting to France.

I have a pretty sore arm to-night, but am lucky that it was not broken, scuffling at noon to-day.

Am still in the L.M. Dept. and getting things straightened up a little but I think the investigation dept. will come down for part of it as they cannot locate the trouble. As for as I know, I will remain here.

Optical instruments arrived O.K., thanks but am afraid I will not have much opportunity to use them now. Will likely do so occasionally tho.

To-night I met Mickey Ward who went to France on the draft with Red & Jack. He is in good shape now, although his leg is still a little sore. He is up and around, and came to us to-day. I would have had his papers to-morrow so would have looked him up. One good thing, on this job, besides looking after the Stewards forms, I get a form of clothing statement every time a patient comes in and pass it out again a couple of days before he goes out, so if anyone I know goes thro here, I am not likely to miss him.

The casualties are certainly heavy now, but hope they are able to keep pushing along.

Vass is likely at the C.A.M.C.J.S. in the Shorncliffe area, and I was glad we were being split, because we would be sent up there too & might possibly get away with him.

Must write Merle & Bill Berry & take a bath.

Lovingly, Worth.

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