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Date: June 1st 1917
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

The rest of the letter is just business – Hope you are taking care of [?] going then home please Mother

 Eastbourne, Sussex

No 1 – 1/6/17.

 Dear Dad,

Well at last there is some mail coming in, I have yours of May 14th, one from Mother with Postal order, and one from Nert May 11th. As the last one I had from Nert was about April 24th,  I am afraid some mail has been lost. I have had no letters posted last week of April or first week of May. That looks as if there had been something doing, but of course they may turn up yet.

I am very sorry I forgot Nert’s birthday, but it entirely slipped my memory until too late, but will try to remember next year. Critics say now, four or five years more of war, and I am almost beginning to believe they are right.

That Folkestone raid was terrible, of course we can’t get any official news, but it seems all the planes from that district were away on a raid of their own, and they had no protection whatever. If all reports are true, it is a very good thing we were not in our original camp, as the damage around there was heavy & some casualties.

They are too tightening on our food here. It means orderly room, to leave any bread on your plate uneaten, and about the same with anything else. Of course, as far as I have seen, there is absolutely no shortage we have even potatoes every day. The idea is to cut out all waste and when I look over the past few months, the waste has been absolutely sinful. But there is all anyone can eat of every kind of food so far anyway. There has been no compulsory controlling of the food of civillians, but there should and likely will be before long.

I do wish you would get new piston rings in the car engine. If the inside of cyls. and outside of pistons were thoroughly cleaned and new rings of the proper kind put in, and the engine tightened up generally, it would give as good service as ever, and much more power than lately.

Sure glad thinks are picking up. Am not sure about Kennedy glasses, but you will likely find it marked full price with wafers in the book, and what extra she had to pay for wafers. The full price should really be charged these cases at first. Then there would be no trouble about it. Also look up in Rx book that Mrs Knowles & see if she is marked Pd. or Chg. I don’t remember her, but that I always marked them latterly.

Glad you are going to the jewelers meeting. It will help you a good deal I think. Hope the others will fall in with the new repair list. Things are surely higher there now.

Is that a dividend from the car shops, or is it a complete settlement in full? If the latter, it is not much, is it? but I suppose better than nothing.

Very funny about those thin Elgin Watches, but they were nice lookers. My watch is doing fine. If Levy’s show that Stevel bracelet I have had sent them from London, I think you can take it up & sell it to people having sons at the front, as it is a fine idea, much better than the strap. The cameo ring sale was about as good as the. Glad the paper is going strong, but it must be hard work. Glad to hear you are better now & hope you continue so.

I am enjoying myself as much as ever. Going to Hastings & Battle to-morrow afternoon & hope to make some good pictures. I am enclosing a few from a recent trip, please have Nert forward these marked (X) to Floss.

Love to all,

Your affectionate son,


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Original Scans