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Date: November 5th 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Bramshott Camp
Nov 5th  1916

My Dear wife and sweetheart

I suppose you’ll miss my last weeks letter, but I never wrote it, because I was getting ready to go to France and I thought I would write the day we left and that was supposed to be last tuesday, but the order is cancelled for a week and maybe longer than that although we are still confined to barracks, and no passes issued, their is talk of making a western division out of the British Columbia Battallions, and if they do we wont go for quite awhile yet because the 181st have not got here nor the 158th , the only one that is here that we know is the 172nd they were up at Vernon with us, they came four days ago. I got both parcels O.K. got the last one on my birthday the socks fit fine, and the chewing tobacco was jake you need not bother sending any more socks for a while because I have lots now I got two new pair from the army so I am allright, As regards that business you mentioned I dont think I would bother the doctor at all, because everything will come right in the end, and if you are that way why everything is jake thier is no harm done, and there is no disgrace, so just let things slide you understand, because nobody would be prouder than me to come back and find a boy waiting for me hows that. If Port Moody dont come through with the money get Burt to see about it for you he will fix it up better than you can and it wont be no trouble to him. I did write to Bert quite a while ago have not received any answer yet. As regards writing to Jack tell him to write to me any time and Ill be glad to answer it, Ill send him a Post Card tonight and Im sending one to Hughina also a collar badge, next pay day Ill send you both something. well be good girl and be careful what you write in your letters, because somebody else might read them if I should go to France, you understand, write soon

I remain your loving husband and daddy boy
to you both

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Original Scans