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Date: August 7th 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Aug 7th 1916

My Dear wife and daughter

You need not bother answering this letter untill you hear from me again, so dont send the photograph up here wait untill we get settled in our new home wherever that will be, I’ll write and let you know. This letter is going to be short and sweet because I have to get a bath and pack yet, Ill drop you a card or two on the journey. Now remember and dont get downhearted and dont give way to your feelings, because you have Hughina to look after and it only makes it hard on her, so look on the bright side of everything and I think you’ll make the grade. Personally speaking I dont think I would go down to your mother’s for a while because you can go down their any time you understand. Well we have had lovely wheather since I came back, in fact it has not rained at all and it is awfully hot today; hope you are getting good wheather down their. You might let Bert read this letter because I have not wrote to him and have not time now tell him I will write in the near future remember me to the folks and give them my regards. Now news is awfully scares around here so you will have to take this as it is meant that is a long letter there is no use me give you anymore advice be good and if you cant be good be careful good-bye and good-luck from your old side kicker


{For the kid benefit only you understand = Frank.}

My Dear Hughina

It give’s pleasure to write a short letter to you, just to let you know that I am still here in Vernon that place I told you so much about. I got a letter from mama yesterday with our picture in it I think I like that one where you dont show your teeth the one mama did’nt send back the best of you, the others are the best of ourselves, so if you ever get one of yourself taken off that send daddy boy one and then Ill see if I cant send you something nice in return. I want you to be awfully good to your mother and dont be naughty when she tells you to do anything just do it like a good girl and then daddy will be proud of his little sweetheart be good now and bye-bye for the present

I remain
Your loving Daddy-boy

Say Nell I mailed you a picture also a copy of our own paper let me know whither you received them or not

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Original Scans