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Date: June 24th 1916
Ellen Burnett - (wife)
Francis Burnett

Vernon Camp,
121st Batt, Base Company
June 24th 1916

My Dear Nell

Received your letter today thanks for the buck it will come in handy, I sure was broke. I did not receive the socks yet. As regards the vaccination it did not take at all so my arm was not sore at all. And I have not been before the doctor yet, so dont know whether I will pass or not. I got some good news for you there is some talk of some of the boys going down for the twelfth of July for three days, and if they go and I can raise the price Im coming down, it wont be an awful lot because they are going to get sixty men to go, and then they can get a car at a bout $10 return you understand. So if they dont go Ill get down as soon as I can now dont be disappointed if I dont come then. It is pretty windy up here today and yesterday we had a thunderstorm and it sure poured for about an hour. I was talking to Josh he got here yesterday I mean the 22nd he is writing a letter beside me now in the y.m.c.a. tent, he told me he was up to see you and he thought you were looking better. There is no talk of us going Over sea’s yet so dont worry, well news is very scarce up here, it is allways the same drill eat and sleep without a change except to swim and wash my own clothes. Tell Bert I’m glad he got his raise he certainly had it coming remember me to him and Jack. whats Ed Bowles doing now? this is a hell of a pen I have got Ill use a pencil next time. Im glad you are doing allright with the chickens, thank Eastwoods for the hen for me and write soon yourself good-bye lets hope for only a few weeks, I would rather be talking to you than writing, Well kiss little sweetheart for me and be good yourself

I remain
Yours truly Frank

For you both

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Original Scans