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Date: October 13th 1943
Jill Leir - (Denys' fiancée)
Gertrude Beames - (Denys' mother)

Box 339
Oct. 13th.

Dearest Jill,

Thanks so much for your dear letter with all its news. We had heard from Bernard some details of their meeting, but have heard from neither of them since then, so your letter was most welcome. I can just imagine what a time the two of them would have together. Poor Denny it would leave him pretty homesick I’m sure. I feel so horribly lonely and anxious for the pair of them and will be thankful when the whole rotten business is over. I had a cable from Den last week asking for $10000 saying his commission was coming soon, and that is always an expensive business, so I imagine he would get another leave also.

Bill has ‘Goldie’ his colt in for awhile – I know you will be pleased to hear she has a son, who the father was, we couldn’t even venture to guess, but at the moment the colt is grey, with very large and heavy feet, and a pair of wistful eyes. If things are like that on the range, poor Amigo may have twins by now! Dad and I are going out next week to see what can be done about the horses, as Bud [Hanns?] is leaving and the problem becomes a serious one.

Mary Blair keeps writing in great distress to say Bernard hasn’t written to her. I don’t think he wants to write very badly. We are still in the throes of the most glorious weather. Tomorrow is the annual event of the Parish Supper, when we hope to get a square meal. The circus is here also, so the little town is humming.

I can’t write two words of sense, so must close down and go to my wee bed. Go easy on the patients darling and keep up the good work – much love from us both.

Mum Beames

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