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Date: September 9th 1943
Jill Leir - (fiancée)
Denys Beames


My muchly beloved;

It is now three thirty a.m. and I have just finished a three hour headache in circuits and bumps, had a so called supper (bloody awfull) drank bags of tea and here I am – a little worn, but pretty happy about the whole thing now that I can sit and look at you.

Bud has been here since Mon. noon and not often have I been so glad to see anyone, for he brought a real breath of home and, God knows, we appreciate that. Time, of course, has flown while he was here, (he left this afternoon) and we had to give up some of our time together while I flew, but we had a grand time. He came down on Mon. which was my day off and I only just got his telegram as I was leaving to catch the train for Birmingham. As soon as I got said paper, I grabbed my bike and tore down to the station, arriving just as his train pulled in. Having got cleaned up, fed, watered, and relieved (pardon me) we decided to whip over to Stratford and try to find Dick Warr and forthwith got under way on a couple of bikes. Having cycled the twelve miles to Stratford we phoned Dick, who couldn’t get in so we promptly grabbed a taxi and paid him a quid to take us to Dicks station. We had a grand evening together and returned yesterday morning. After lunch we went down to the flight office, where I found myself slated for a bombing detail, so I asked for and got permission to take Bud along. We got airborn, finished the job, then I put Bud in the second pilots seat and let him fly for a while, which shook him a bit, but I think he enjoyed the experience. After tea we went to a services E.N.S.A. show, then I had to fly some more last night. This morning we had some breakfast together here in my bunk, sat and talked for a while, went and had lunch, then down to the flights again where I found to my chagrin that he had to fly, so we sayed so-long and I had to leave him to get his train alone. I’ve been chewing a fair sized lump ever since, for it does make all the missing things so much more poignant. I’ve been wishing half the time and sort of dreaming that it might have been you, but if it had been I could never have let you go, so I guess it’s just as well.

I do want you so very much darling, and it does seem so long since we were together that I often feel just a little lost and pretty homesick, but I can wait, trusting in God that we may be together soon, to start life anew, as one. Write as often as you can and I'll scribble whenever I get a free moment, so expect more soon. Good night sweetheart, God bless and keep you safe.

All my love,
Your own

(Pardon the dirt [letter paper is somewhat grimy/stained] – I was too tired to change). xxxxxx

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