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Date: August 18th 1943
Jill Leir - (fiancée)
Denys Beames


My darling Jill;

I’m afraid dearest that it has been some time since my last letter, though I have been trying to get this written every night for days. We have been going to late class and working at nights on navigation and wireless, as a crew for at least five nights now and I’m afraid I’ve let it get ahead of me. (Time out for change of nibs – this is bloody awfull). At least we are making some progress in our work.

My crew so far consists of three Canucks – navigator, bomb aimer, and rear-gunner, and an English wireless operator. They are all keen as mustard and good types so I’m pretty pleased with them. The boys that are coming over now are getting very quick postings to these schools and therefore are not losing that first keenness, which they have on first arriving. It’s a very good thing, for being kept hanging around for months, as we were when we first came over, has a very bad effect on moral. We will pick up our flight engineer and mid-upper gunner at conversion unit, where we convert onto Halifaxes or Lancasters. The boys did me very proud on the ground school exams, our lowest mark on any exam being third, so we came out as top crew and if I have any say in things will do the same in our flying details. Having all but finished day circuits, with no real hitches, we should start day cross countries and practice excercises by the end of the week.

It has been a great relief and rather a surprise to me that I have had no little trouble with my flying, but everything seems to have come back with the old assurance and I feel really happy about it. Having been off flying for nearly a year there was some question whether I’d have to go back another course and if I hadn’t got along O.K. I expect I’ll have been sent, so it is something to be thankful for.

Darling do send me the new picture as soon as possible for I’m dying to see it and its ages since you sent me one – I’m still trying to get a camera, so that I can send you some of your man. I’ll bet you look the acme of efficiency in that uniform but it would take more than five pounds to make those lovely legs of yours look like smoke stacks – a hell of allot more. Do you realize that you’ve got a really beautifull and terribly attractive figure? You have you know and with that halo of blonde hair any man would go nuts over you. This is not flattery it is sincere admiration darling and I do count myself a very lucky person. I only wish my dear, that we could be together now for these years are, or could be, the foundation for our future together. I guess the cause is big enough to make it worth while, but I do have my doubts occasionally and wonder why I ever gave up my life beside you to come over here. it sounds rather poor, but it is real – however I have done it and must finish it to the best of my ability, ’though my heart is there with you.

I’m still waiting for answers to my last letters to Trev and Dick who are both well and working hard. Hodge and Acky both send their regards. I’ve discovered the remnants of a writing pad, so I’ll be writing you a letter soon my love, in the meantime scribble me one whenever you have time, for I do need you dearest.

I need a fountain pen badly so if you can pick me up one I’d be very grateful – you can’t buy them over here. Bye for now. All my love darling

Your loving hubby,

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