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Date: July 7th 1943
Jill Leir - (fiancée)
Denys Beames


Dearest Jill,

I’m afraid this is a couple of days later than I intended but here I am anyhow darling. I’ve done you dirt today, because I wrote a letter to someone else first, but then you know you’ll get the best deal in content so don’t get jealous. To redeem myself, I better tell you that the first epistle was to Sid Hodges. I managed to get his address in London and now await his answer with a good deal of interest, since he has been home quite recently.

Looking over your recent letters I find your description of your return to hospital work and [?] my letters very sweet darling. It is so good to know that I’ve actually done something [for?] you and I know what those letters meant to you [Jill?], for I certainly put in enough painful hours haunting the mess orderlies till they get the mail out each day and often experience that empty dejection when there is no word from you, or even the folks. I know I’ve been pretty rotten, about writing to you and your absolute faith and trust in me makes me feel pretty small, but it most certainly is justified my darling, in that I am yours heart and soul. I love you with all my heart Jill, and that fact has been an integral part of me since I left you and no circumstance can change it. I have gone on parties with the boys and often filled in as partner with a girl, but drunk or sober, she has never had a solitary chance of ever encroaching on on your rights and though situations will arise after where I will be with women, you need never fear that they will mean anything to me.

So my sweetheart our love is greater and growing more great as time goes by, now we must carry on, the waiting for the fulfillment to come and though ‘God knows’ it is hard, it shall be all the sweeter for that.

I didn’t intend to fill this whole form in this vein, but it is probably better that I have and I think you will appreciate, that this is really all I want to say.

I’ll write a bit more generally next time and probably be able to tell you something of Sid and Dick Knight, who I am about to write to next.

Lets try and get down to some real co-rrespondence now darling – I’ll try and get off answers to your letters promptly and we’ll see if we can get away from writing in the abstract.

I’ll be praying for a letter for days now so be good to me dearest.

God bless darling,
All my love,

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