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Date: June 23rd 1943
Jill Leir - (fiancée)
Denys Beames

[addressed to:] Miss Jill Leir,
1056 Comox St.,

[from:] F/Sgt. H.D. Beames
R101215 R.C.A.F.

Dearest Jill,

I received a bundle of seven letters today, with two from you, so I’m in the seventh heaven again.

You’re letter of April 21 seems to have been held up a bit, but I now have it before me thank God. I can understand how worried you were through the examinations and I’m so glad you got the reward I know you deserve. It makes me proud as punch to know that your past the first hard struggle and on your way to being a real nurse. I’d love to see you in your uniform darling it should suit you and I know you make it look twice as good as the designer could have. Just don’t catch to many male eyes though, can’t fight the competition so very well from here, so just be a good woman, and ‘save yourself for me’.

I received letters from Trevor Pinnett and Dick Wass in the aforementioned bundle, much to my surprise and pleasure. Trev got my address from Joyce Grocker, your cousin, while in London, and has given me most welcome news of you all.

I am hoping to see him soon in town and have a good talk. Dick is stationed near Rugby and has just started flying. He sounds very happy and we should be able to get together soon. It will be great to see them both and get some glimpse of home – God knows I need it.

In my usual slap-happy way I got my pay book balled up and had to go for three weeks without pay, until a couple of days ago. However I have managed to get into Evesham last night to send you a belated wire and flowers. I’m sorry they are so long overdue darling, it’s a pretty poor thing to say I couldn’t remember the date of your birthday, but that’s the way it and is I had to get it from mother.

I’ll continue this tomorrow darling so don’t die of surprise when you receive it all.

Write as often as you can darling and remember that whatever happens, you are the only thing that really matters to me.

God bless and keep you dearest
All my love,

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