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Date: May 20th 1943
Jill Leir - (fiancée)
Denys Beames

[addressed to:] Miss Jill Leir,
St. Pauls School of Nursing.
1056 Comox St.,

[from:] F/Sgt H.D. Beames
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

My darling,

Thanks a million for all your letters Jill, it is so good to have them and to know that even in the strenuous work you are doing, you can still find time for a guy who never answers you even though he does love you with all his heart.

At long last my wrist is out of plaster and I can use it just as well as ever. I shall be flying again in a few weeks thank God, for if ever a man was sick of a job, it is I. I loathe and detest these ground duties where you have to watch everyone else do the flying.

The nursing must keep you going pretty hard, but I don’t think you could have tackled a better job darling. I do hope you get along allright through your exams and not find the practical side too grim.

I am compiling a book for you my sweet so don’t be shaken if you recieve a large, official looking envelope soon – just an attempt at saying I love you in more ways than I can put in one letter.

All my love,

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Original Scans