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Date: May 29th 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


My Dear Nerta,

Well still no mail, but I suppose there will be some soon. It is reported again that a Can. Mail has been sunk, but I doubt it.

I suppose you know before this of the Folkestone air raid. The beggars sure are getting away with it. I am very sorry that I was not there to see it, as they claim it is the worst raid yet and in broad day light too.

I had a letter from Floss yesterday, and another to-day, so the American mail is coming but slowly.

Last Saturday evening as usual, I was with Gladys, and on Sunday afternoon we walked about three miles to Hampden Park, spent the afternoon there, had tea & came back on the train about 8 P.M. It is a really beautiful park, and I made two rolls of negatives, staying home last night to develop them. Also saw a couple of our teams play a game of baseball early in the evening.

You may remember that a couple of years ago, I tried Burroughs & Wellcomes Tabloid “Rytol” developers and did not have good results. They seem to think it specially good tho, and it is cheap (most of them are up now) and works well with paper too. I thought, I would like to try it again so bought a book they issue, read it up & tried it last night by “time development” method. You give it a certain time, according to temperature of developer, and I had beautiful results and like it very much. Now if you intend doing much work, let me know, and I will send you one of the books & there is some of the developer at home or Emerson will get it for you.

I wish you would get a 2 ½ X 4 ¼ negative album & put all my negatives I send or have sent, in it, and keep it in the safe at the store, as I would hate very much to lose them. The films and prints I enclose, don’t amount to very much & are old ones, but I will have some good ones to send on Friday I expect.

On Saturday (or possibly Friday) I hope to go via Hasting to Battle, where there is a beautiful Abbey, castle ruins, the old battlefield etc., and hope to see something worth while.

I see no hope of getting my leave nor do I know anything more about what is going to be done with the unit. Of course all things come to those who wait.

Kodaks etc are quite high here now, and a great many of them cannot be bought at all. I believe the importation of photographic apparatus, has been forbidden.

Your loving brother,

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Original Scans