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Date: December 19th 1943

St. Thomas, Ontario.

December 19, 1943

Dear Mom,

Well, " It's all over now, I dont't worry " as the song says. We went through our final Trade Board Tests yesterday morning (Saturday), and all we have to do now is to wait until Monday to find out how we made out, and to learn where we will be posted. I haven't the slightest idea of how well I did, but I'm hoping all will be well.

I suppose by now Grandma is well settled at home. I guess there isn't any too much room in the house, now, is there? I received a letter from Marie saying that Grandma gave her all her furniture. That will help Marie a lot. I had hoped to see Grandfather again, but I was afraid I would not. But he's at peace now, and I hope that Grandmother will accept all things for the best.

I'm glad you received the record in good condition. It can be played about twenty times, so I was told. There are a few things on it that can't be said again

Glad that you received the puzzle letter, and got it together. Also good to hear that you were pleased with the birthday telagram. You'll notice that it was exactly fifty words. When I sat down to write it the words came to me with ease.

Well, around here, right now, the radio is playing in one of the bays, and one of the songs is "Holy Night, Silent Night". It seems that I'm more emotionally affected this year than as at other ones. There's been a fall of snow here, and I guess we will have a white Christmas.

It's really beautiful up here at times, especially in the morning. I remember the few days at home when I saw the sun rise, but up here I see it almost every morning, and it's very emotional.
But getting back to your letter, I received the underwear and new socks. They're swell. Thanks a lot! Since we wear our boots all the time, the woolen socks are best for me.

I've been expecting a letter from Aunt Lola. Unless I'm posted close to home, I'll be spending Christmas at a home here in St. Thomas. Perhaps you've noticed that I've never said anything in my letters about dates with girls. Well, except for taking a few to a movie or two, I haven't, because I've had too much fun running around to different places seeing things.

But some weeks ago I went with the boys to the Baptist Church in St. Thomas, and they invited us back, on Monday evening. to the Young Peoples meeting. and there I met a nice young girl, named Joyce Verrell, and later, after a telephone call, we went to a movie.

As time went by, I met her family, very nice English people. (Of course, around here they're mostly English.) They seem to like my company, and last night, when Joyce and I had returned from the show, her mother, her father, and later her brother talked about everything until half past one in the morning Mr. Verrell was in the last war, so we had something in common. They showed me pictures of Joyce, when she was younger and today, as well as an old photo album of their grandparents.

So I've really got to know the family after a number of those sessions lasting way into the early morning By the way, I generally miss all transportation back to camp, so I have to walk the two and a half miles back to camp.

They have invited me for Christmas, and if I don't get to see Aunt Lola, or get home, I'll be there. This evening I'm having supper at their house, and I'm going to take some pictures so that you'll be able to see what these swell folks are really like. Joyce works in the local telephone office. The trouble is that now that I've got to know people here, I'll have to be leaving when I'm posted.

I also met a nice ( English) girl at the roller skating rink in London some time ago, and had a swell chicken supper at her house. Her name is Olive Linfield, and her folks are great, too. I'm making friends here, but I'll soon be going away. As far as Christmas goes, I'll spend it nicely no matter what happens.

Love, Lewis.