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Date: May 22nd 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


My Dear Sister,

I have just come in (7 P.M.) from town. I had a couple of hours off and went down for a little while but as this is my night in, I came back early. I find that if I stick to two regular nights a week, faithfully, I never want to go out on those nights, I then can get my letters written & get some sleep. I hope to get in bed before nine to-night, as I am really terribly tried, I seldom get to bed before midnight. Being light till ten, it seems much earlier than it really is, and I stay out later than I should.

The boys gave a dance last night, and Gladys would have liked to attend, but I did not know what kind of a bunch would be there, and did not want to go, so did not bring her up. I looked in the room at midnight, but did not go in, they apparently enjoyed themselves.

On Saturday afternoon, Corp Andrus & I went out to Pevensey (sent you a card from there) and saw an old castle ruins and the historic old mint house, also an old church & some old houses. I am enclosing three cards of the ruins. I made quite a few “snaps” but have not developed them yet. The day was very dull tho & I am not sure of my results. I have several other snaps to send, but they are up in my other tunic so I will put them in later.

We have been notified of our attachment to the A.C.M.C. training school at Shorncliffe & I take from this that there is every likelihood that we will be split up. Of course I have no reason for this, except what I think. If they make any move to put class A. men in the infantry, I will transfer in a hurry & would probably take up flying. I simply will not go into the infantry, the work is killing & you learn nothing. Flying is a dandy course now and includes photography and wireless and I am satisfied I could get out a commission, which would be much more satisfactory than the life I am now leading, comfortable tho it is. Have you heard for sure that Sandy & George Reid are flying? Of course I would have to give up all pleasures and study really hard, but I would thoroughly enjoy it and would feel more contented that I was really doing something.

The Corporal who wrote that music was a patient on my ward then, and his signature is on the music. He is the one who wrote the piece on Raven’s Croft, that I sent some time ago.

Very funny that Lilian has taken up stenography again. I thought she liked teaching better.

Thank you all, a thousand times, for that money. Believe me I can get away with a good deal in this town. I am afraid tho, Nert, that I will not spend the next birthday in Canada, much more likely to be in France.

Your loving brother,

Please have Mother give detailed instructions for tapioca date pudding. Kind of tapioca & weight & way to do it.




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