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Date: May 15th 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


Dear Nerta,

Well I am back on duty this day, and as there is not much to do I will start a letter & finish it later. I was discharged yesterday, but it was too nice to go to work so I went down town and reported this morning for duty. It is another beautiful day and I am out on the balcony at the end of the ward.

I don’t believe I told you, but while I was sick, a patient was admitted to ward 7, whom I knew quite well in London. He belonged to the 63rd battery in London and was taking a course in signalling down town, and we used to breakfast to-gether at the Alps. He has been in France for some months, and has returned wounded, originally he came from Sarnia.

I am enclosing a few cards which will give you some idea of this town, and I will send some really good Sepia photo cards later. The are like the one I send the other day.

Yesterday I cabled Dad for £ 5/-, so I will have it when my pass goes thro, and for my set of electric instruments. This includes a black case, purple lined & with two extra bulbs, also black battery handle with ophthatmascopic head and also with retinoscope head, with two paper targets attached. There are also some extra targets around which Dad might send. If any of these have been omitted from the parcel, please rush on receipt of this letter.

The two parcels arrived in good time and in fine condition, one can which I have not opened yet, looked a little, I think it is that prune marmalade. I will use it for my tea to-night. I was sure glad to get the maple sugar and sox. I believe that the sox would be better knit on larger needles, or more loosely knit. I believe they wear better that way.

Well Honey, it is nearly eight o’clock and one of the boys just brought me my snaps. I am enclosing a bunch of them which you will no doubt find interesting. Print as best you can from the best film of Wilfred & Ault & give it to their people. Perhaps it would be best to have Spencer send the films to Eastmans in Toronto & see if they can bring any more out on the films by intensifying them & pay for it out of my money. I am sure their people would be glad to get these pictures.

Your loving brother,

[note added by Worth’s mother:]

Dear Miriam Sorry I have been to long – I am [?] – but have just answered these letters – nothing new all well – no letter this week but hope for one to-morrow – all well & busy as usual. Trust you are O.K. all [?] [?] [?] [?] Mother.

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