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Date: May 11th 1917
Mother – (Mary Davis)
Worth Davis

6:30 P.M.

My Dear Mother,

Well, my birthday and I have not been off the place, except over to the letter box to post a letter to Gladys, who sent me up a dandy birthday cake. The first I have had for some time isn’t it? She is so good to me, that I am afraid I will have to take her home with me. Last night we went to the theatre to see “Sweet Nell” This is one of the best plays I have even seen, and the principals were splendid. It was after twelve when I left her, but will not see her (g) till 8.30 to-morrow night.

I had another letter from you to-day & I think it was yesterday that I had about seven letters, so I am doing pretty well.

Quite a few of the bunch are being discharged to-morrow, but as far as I know, I am not among the number. The reports on our blood tests have come in and I am all right, but six or eight have many more typhoid germs than they should have, and they are making further tests of them, but I will likely be discharged to duty to-morrow. We have had a good rest tho but I am rather weak, living on milk only.

I haven’t much news, having written so often this week. Was much surprised to hear Vass had signed up with A.M.C., but it is quite possible that they would not take him in any other branch now, owing to him being a dispenser. I believe orders something like that came out just before we left Canada. He surely got away in a hurry, but I understand they are moving A.M.C. men very quickly now.

I invested in a cigarette case yesterday, just a plain thin one at 6/-. I am smoking some but not a great deal, and before I finish all the cigaretts in a box, the box is worn out.

It is certainly fine that Uncle Abe and Grandad Davis are getting along so well. Hope they continue.

I don’t remember letter from Nert with those marriage notices, altho it does seem that I had Idas & Claras. I have had a letter from Clara, not so long since but have not heard from Ida, since I came over. The mails are so very irregular that I never worry about not getting mail anymore, but am just thankful when it does arrive.

Surprised to hear about Kift. What happened & what is his present rank? Hardly think they would send him up the line, altho they do some funny things now.

Sorry my parcel did not arrive yet, but it will be along. Practically all letters take a month now, & you can’t count on the parcels at all, they just drift in any old time.

Glad you are sending sox, as the pair Aunt in London knit have gone at the toe & it will be pretty hard to fix up, also one white pair has at last given out at the heel, but I think I can fix it up all right. These white ones surely have worn like iron.

Another chap & I developed all afternoon (14 rolls) & six were mine. I will have some snaps to send soon but may only send films & let Nert finish the ones for you, as I will be pretty busy.

I am very sorry I did not know Pete was at Hastings as I could have seen him once a week at least. If I get a chance to go up to the St. Leonards Lab with specimens, I will try and look him up.

I am afraid Kansas or rather Missouri would not do for Dad, as they had a terrible winter there this past winter.

I just wish “you all” could have been here during the past two or three weeks, we have had the most ideal weather. It is certainly grand over here in the spring and the

Still have to write Floss & Mae to-night.


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