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Date: May 5th 1917
Worth Davis


My Dear Sis,

I am not much more prompt than you at replying, but I too am very busy – having a good time. I have one of my “desperate crushes” on a little kid of whom I will send snaps later. Took them up on Beachy Head on Thursday aft. I am afraid I am going to lose her tho, as there is an officer in the case, and if he doesn’t get out, I will. As usual I want all or nothing. I hardly ever get in bed before twelve, which is something new for me, but our stay here is likely to be short & life in France just now is not the easiest in the world.

I have a peach of a ward here, only 19 beds and all operative. They stay here for part of convalescent period too, so can do most of the work. I think I have the best ward in the hospital but have hopes of getting in with Henderson. His office is right at the ward door so I get chances to do his work now when I am not busy.

This sure is some swell town and the best season is just coming.

The trouble with night duty is that they only leave you on a month & it takes nearly that long to get used to it. I wish you could have seen how I slept after the first week. I would often slide off a few minutes early, and be in bed before seven A.M. I never got up before about 2.30, and often slept right thro, till 6 or 6.15, going on duty at 6.30. We had dandy cots, sheets etc, latterly. I have a cot & blankets here, no springs, but a mattress & you know that any old kind of a bed suits me, especially when I am up late.

Last week, I saw “Sherlock Holmes,” this week “Alias Jimmy Valentine,” pretty good & have seats for “Sweet Nell of Old Drury,” which is supposed to be especially good. Of course I always take Gladys with me. I see her five nights a week, - hardly enough. Eh?

We have a bad epidemic of dysentery & I just heard that we are all likely to be isolated & I have it too. But I hope we are not.

Some of the fellows are in here trying to talk to me & I am waiting for a call from Gladys & it is hard to write.

I wonder if Miss Marsh is related to the night sister I had at Moore Barracks. She said I think it was a cousin training there. I would hardly think that was any place for a minister’s daughter, not with you around anyway. Give her my best regards & tell her I will send her some really pretty cards of this place as soon as I can get down town in business hours.

That snap is dandy. You surely look well, much better than I feel, believe me.

Well it is 8.45 & getting dusk so – till the next time.




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