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Date: April 27th 1917
Father – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

Canadian Military Hospital,

Dear Dad,

At last there is a mail and I have yours of March 26th and one each from Mother & Miriam. Most of my mail is yet to come tho.

Things here still remain much the same, I am not working extra hard, but have enough to keep me nicely busy with three operations to-morrow which I had to prepare for to-day. Capt. Jento still continues to be very agreeable but little more regarding Henderson, altho his office is right at the ward door, and I see him quite frequently. He said the other day that he was getting pretty busy and would have to see what he could do.

Our weather is very fine, but still somewhat cool, altho I have been out a couple of times without any greatcoat. Went to see “Sherlock Holmes” last night, - very fair but not an extra good company. To-morrow will be my afternoon and I am going to a revue with some of the boys. I have quite a “crush” on a little girl down town, so will likely see at least one show a week.

We are quite reasonably treated here, have permanent monthly midnight passes, two hours off one afternoon each week and a full afternoon each week, the meals are exceptionally good considering conditions, which are getting slightly worse, as the sub activity continues. Capt. Jento has taken me off meat but get two raw eggs a day in place of it. I have been having some trouble with my kidneys, but am not just sure what it is. He is trying dieting to see if that will have any effect & I believe it is going to do the trick. Of course as usual I have been eating a good deal of meat, of which there seems to be no shortage, altho none is to be wasted, fat saved etc. They are talking bread tickets now for the civilians, altho I do not think it will reach that stage this year. White bread would seem funny now tho.

Your spring weather seems to be more advanced than ours, altho always thought it was earlier here.

Clock prices are sure going up terribly. I see nothing but American nickle alarms here, apparently none are being made in this country at all.

Glad Grandpa D is improving. Hope it continues That dark night you spoke of will give you some idea of what we had to put up with all winter. It sure was fierce, but of course it is much lighter now, and then we have the daylight saving, which is a great advantage.

Your tennants are surely getting behind some. Warner will be trying to deal you a car, like he did W.B. but I think you would be wise to wait till things are more settled, especially if you have any idea of going South, but I hardly see how you can work it, unless you just go South each Winter & have the business carried on.

Was it Eva Allman or the older one who got the divorce? I thought Eva was still at home.

Had a nice long letter from Olive Killer & must answer it to-night.

Your affectionate son,

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