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Date: April 4th 1917
Worth Davis


 My Dear Sister,

Some cheap note paper I know, but I am not buying anything I don’t have to now & can get this in the office. I am returning a couple of the films, having sent the others on to the chap at Eastbourne, thanks for them. I am also enclosing a V.P.K. instruction book, as I do not need anything like that here, & I am cutting down my kit all I can. During the next month, I will probably send home several parcels but will let you know at time of sending.

I am applying for a pass to Brighton to-morrow & unless it is a very bad day, I will go.

We are getting smaller & smaller all the time here, and the staff is being gradually cut down. I think tho, that I will stay here till pretty well the last as I have intimated that I am pretty well satisfied here, while others are kicking to get to Eastbourne. They are sending a bunch this week & I asked if they were sending me & they said no, did I want to go. So I said I was not crazy about it as long as they left me on nights. It is of course very quiet here, and not much doing but I am satisfied and there is not much to do at nights now. I think that another month or two will see this place either handed over or closed up, and me in France.

The order was enclosed O.K. & sure was handy as I missed my last pay being in Hastings. I know have £ 1/3/4 on hand so will be all right to-morrow. I had to invest in a watch, as mine is away nearly a month now. I bot. an Ingersoll, like the old one we had at home, but seems a little smaller case, but same movt., it is gun metal finish & has luminous spots and hands. The cost was ten shillings, quite enough for me. It will always be handy tho being luminous.

That bill from Optometry is correct. I hope I will not need another year’s sub for England. Many say the war will end in two months now, & others say another two years. It is very hard to tell anything about it, and I don’t know what difference the states will make if they declare war. From the papers here it is hard to tell whether or not they have declared war yet. There has been no Canadian mail this week & I sure hope it is not going to be tied up again, I had a letter from Hazel, but it was posted some time ago & has been following me around.

We have also had rain and hail, and this week too. To-day has been very nice tho, and I do hope to-morrow is also.

I wonder what the temperance people will do now that Spence is dead. Perhaps we will get a little rest on that subject now.

Believe me, we don’t use coal oil nor anything else to take strapping off, just pull it off, and I don’t think it affects the skin as much as coal oil or gasoline.

That was some letter in the St Thomas paper. The majors must sure feel their neck.


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