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Date: September 20th 1943

#5 Manning Depot, Lachine, P. Q.

September 20, 1943

Dear Mom,

Well, I expected to be gone from here by now but it won't be long now.

Glad to hear that Al is going to college.

I went to the Montreal Forum, where the N.H.L hockey games are played, and saw a big show put on by the Canadian Legion, featuring Jean Dickenson, who is often heard singing on the radio. The show included a whole floor show from the El Morocco, a Montreal night club.

On Friday evening Stewart and I went to the Knight's of Columbus Hut. Stewart went dancing on the first floor, while I saw a Troop Show on the second floor, which included swell balancing act by one particular guy.

On Saturday night I went to His Majesty's Theatre in Montreal, and saw something, I'll never see again: a tremendous stage show put on by the Navy called "Meet the Navy". Mom, it was super-great! Everything was done with
precision. I don't expect I shall ever see the likes of it again! It cost me $2.00 for a ticket, but, man, it was worth it. It seemed like quite a bit to pay, but when I saw it, I would have paid $5.00.

Well, I'd better stop now, for it will soon be light's out.

Oh, yes, here are a few theatre and arena stubs to keep for me.

Love, Lewis.