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Date: May 21st 1918
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

No. 74.

My Dear Dad,

I just have a few minutes for this before dinner, but will try to finish it after. Believe me we are having some hot weather, very dry, but the nights are cool.

The letter mail has been coming thro very fast and I already have some May letters and the post of May 11th altho the one for the 4th is not here yet.

Two years ago, I fully expected to be back there, now, but now, I would not even guess at the time. So much can happen in such a short time these days.

Give my regards to Hessen and any of the others who are enquiring. There will likely be not a few of our old friends drafted before long at the present rate of going and I think they have the thing down to a pretty fine system now.

Surely some movement in cars this spring, even with the raised price. See the Studebaker have out a nice new model, but suppose it is the same old power plant etc. I did not know that V.A. had a car at all. He is getting pretty sporty.

Glad mother was able to get away, and I hope you will be able to get down too.

I am enclosing a little Belgian Official, the truth of which I can vouch for, as I was within 300 yards of it during the whole performance. I haven’t seen a more recent paper than last Saturday, so don’t know just what is going on, but suppose there is a little doing.

Business certainly seems to be increasing, which looks good under present conditions. If a few more factories came in, it would help. Hope the Huntleys don’t go.

That was a joke about the ring. I’ll bet Alex was peeved. I wouldn’t let any of them have Connaught Plate, unless it has your name on and wouldn’t even be very particular them. Are you having much trouble getting it named now? Swiss watches of the Omega and better grades are very hard to get here now. Don’t see why they should be, either.

The certainly seem to be a bunch of the home boys getting it.  Think Vass is further away from here now, but cannot get any definite word yet. It is rather unlikely that I will see him while here.

Your affectionate son,       

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