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Date: April 21st 1918
Mother – (Mary Davis)
Worth Davis

No. 69.

My Dear Mater,

I received to-day, your letter of March 22nd. Not bad time. Also from London, a money order for ₣.140.60, which is the second one sent. I wrote the other day, about the first one, which has not yet come to hand. Also have your parcel with maple sugar, cakes, soap., etc. Everything O.K. and enjoyed very much. Have not eaten the sphagetti yet. Parcels also from Mrs. G. N., Gert, and Mir. Don’t send [?] [?], please, the coffee is much better.

Wish we would get some of those warm days you had. It is rather cold here for this time of the year, but goodness how the grain grows. There is a field just Across the canel from the office window and you can fairly see it grow. I don’t think I ever mentioned the canels here, but Northern France seems pretty well filled with them and they were evidently used in peace times as a means of transportation, most probably for raw materials as iron ore etc. and coal. They are largely used now for war service. Barges with closed tops are used and would hold probably as much as four of our box cars and are towed usually in trios. Of course they are not as speedy as train transport, but I imagine very much cheaper.

Will Nerta be home to stay now? You say she will be home in a week. I thought she would be away for a couple of months more. I do hope it is to stay, as it will be so much easier for you.

It is surely too bad about Ken. Sommerville, I had heard it tho.

O yes, our Sisters arrived long ago, and I am very sorry to say that Sister Whitely passed away to-day, at Boulogne. She is the first to die of the unit who came to France, altho Ed. Spring, who transferred to the infantry was killed long ago

We sleep in huts, but as they are not shrapnel proof, it is much safer to beat it for a dugout, when Fritzie is sowing his big seeds around. Also if there is a convoy thro the night, it necessitates getting up. We should worry tho. Believe me, it is more healthy to wear your underwear all night than to waste time putting it on if you have to clear out in a hurry. You can’t tell when it is coming either.

Feeling jake and gaining in weight.

Your loving son,

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