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Date: October 12th 1918
Sister – (Miriam Davis)
Worth Davis


My Dear Sister,

I just wrote Dad, and when I went over to post it, I got another from him, one from you, and another from Gert Bosworth. I would have written sooner, but I thought you were going Sept. 1st and expected to hear from you any day. Hope you had not left Toronto before my last letter arrived.

Being fed up with office work. I have been trying for two months to get out and the chap who was to replace me was just getting well broken in, when he had to go up the line. He returned and I was to go out in the morning, but he was called again to-night and leaves in the morning so I am inside still. I will likely be on gardening, repairing sidewalks, building sand-bag walls etc., and hope to get far on it, for a while.

The news lately is simply wonderful and is getting better every day. It won’t be long now, till Fritzie is right out of France and a good part of Belgium too. When the Canadian Corps captured Cambrai, they broke the resistance on that part of the line, and did it right too, altho of course our losses were not light.

I have not had a touch of hay-fever and we have had two months of the cold damp weather that used to give me such an interesting time. If I do have it next year, the op. was worth while for this year alone. I am well, but not up to my usual weight, and I have that nervous irritable feeling all the time. I hope I can get leave soon and will likely go to the South of France if I can make it.

I asked Nert about veils and she replied for herself but said nothing about you. I would have got some for both of you, but was not sure you would wear them. They are the kind that hang from the hat, very light in weight and black, white, champagne and tope in colors that you might wear and some beautiful? greens and purples that I am sure you would not wear. If you would wear these please let me know, and I will send you two or three. I think I will send Floss a scarf something like the one I sent you. This town is noted for its products of this kind and the lace here is really beautiful.

Dad surely appears to be better and I hope he continues so. I am sure too that the Mater is better for the rest. I hope poor Jack improves, but he appears to be a pretty sick boy. I guess his army career is about over. I am glad that Scotty Fergusson is still alive and hope they pull him thru, but he must be very badly wounded. I had a card from Happy and he had just completed his first five hours of solo. Expected to do that much every fine day now. He is living in a wonderful place, near Liverpool. I hope the thing is over tho before he has progressed far enough to come over, because he is a kid who would want to kill half the German Airmen himself.

Seems to me that Flos’s patient is rather attentive, what was the idea in hanging him on you?

You say Gladys Nash is going with you. I don’t think you mentioned her before. The Mater apparently thinks it is Vic to as she said Marsh was going with you. It will be nice that you are not there alone. Hope you get to see Vera and that the Westervelt’s get in touch with you and you can get out to their place. I expect tho, that you will have to work pretty hard. If at all possible you want to see the play running at the Hippodrome and also any of the Operas that are running, but I don’t think there is much else there worth bothering with. Maxine Elliott’s theatre is a very nice little place but rather disappointing – perhaps I expected too much. If you want to see a good review both “The Follies” and the “Passing Show” will likely be on while you are there, they are good as reviews. Don’t hesitate to call on Nert for both yourself and Nash if you want to see any of these shows, because I don’t want you to miss some fun while there. You can’t expect to work all the time.

You don’t say what duty you are on, but I suppose days when Vic is on nights. That is the way things usually go, isn’t it?

I am not just clear as to who Wilfred Simmons is, but think he is Nert’s friend who is over here. He is lucky to have appendix trouble just now and if at all fit to travel, is likely in Blighty now.

Well My Dear, I have to close up my day’s work and turn in.

Your loving brother.

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