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Date: August 18th 1918
Worth Davis


My Dear Sis.,

Don’t think I am trying to “pay you back,” but I haven’t felt much like writing letters of late, but will do my best.

Two years ago to-day, we pulled up stakes from London I sincerely hope we will see it again before another two years are gone, but I am not very sure about it. I suppose we will have Canada leave in another year, but I would not take it. I would never come back, if I once got over there.

The Mater said she had a letter from Frank and that he is enjoying his training, I do hope he has good luck. Nearly twenty of our boys have gone to the R.A.F. or are up for commissions.

The past week has not been a very busy one for us and it is rather a good thing, for we have had little or no sleep. Seldom get any before midnight and often it is two o’clock. A little bit of that goes a long way. I am able to get an afternoon now and then which is also a good thing for me.

They certainly give you a good share of the kids, you must appear to like it, or else you get it for punishment. Funny thing tho, that you haven’t an X Ray there.

The poor Calgary girls I wonder if Vera will go out to live with them now. It is too bad that she had not gone before. It was certainly rather sudden, at least to me.

Rather a funny one about Flo’s patient looking you up, wasn’t it?

I should think you would rather enjoy having Dorothy – or any of the family there. I wouldn’t go out of your way to make it easy for her tho. What!

Snaps are very fair. I am glad Mrs. Cray is taking you out occasionally, is he dead yet? Poor Devil, he can’t be very old.

I am so glad you got home, and just know how you enjoyed it. I do hope that I will be home when you come again, but time will tell.

Love to the girls
Your loving brother,

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