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Date: August 4th 1918
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

No. 89.

My Dear Nerte,

I had no idea that I had not written for a week, the blooming time surely flies.

I received to-day, in good condition, the parcel with cakes, fudge and chocolates and believe me, was not sorry to get it. There has been no other mail lately, but no doubt, letters will be along in a day or two now.

I am feeling jake again, and go back on full duty in the morning. Have been taking it rather easy, since I was in the hospital and have had a good rest. From now on I hope to get an, afternoon or two off a week.

The news has been most encouraging lately and to-day caps it all. I guess the Marne “Pocket” is pretty well cleared out. I wish it was the last one to clear, but there are others.

I have Dad’s cable and take it that you were successful in exams, but the last part says “[Precise?] and Deary here”. I suppose it is Bernese and Vera and they have it balled up a little. I am surely glad you got thro, but of course I was not at all surprised.

Sorry to say Walter was not able to get up to see me, and will probably be rather busily engaged for a while now. However I may see him some day.

I have not had an “Observer” for nearly two months, and I miss it. Do wish you would see what is wrong. Gert Bosworth sends me the Toronto Sunday papers, and they come thro O.K. I had heard nothing about young Bell, but he surely got all that’s coming to him.

Well, Dear, I have absolutely no news, we are still all right, and having quite the usual amount of excitement. Suppose we must expect it tho. I am going to Church to-night, and it will be quite a change, as I have not been out for some time.

Love to all,
Your loving brother,

P.S. Suppose Mir. was home when Dad cabled and I am sure glad she has her holidays. Hope this time next year, we will all be to-gether.

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