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Date: July 28th 1918
Mother – (Mary Davis)
Worth Davis

No. 88.

My Dear Mater,

I have a couple of your letters to answer to-night, as well as three boxes to thank you for. They all arrived in A1 condition. Have also had boxes from Mae and Miriam and am writing them to-night.

 I feel pretty well to-day, and by the first of the month will be back on full duty. At present, I am not doing a great deal, but getting the month’s work caught up to-date. I don’t get up till about eight and the [shreded?] what comes in fine for breakfast, which is of course all over before I am up. My nose is still a little sore, but is healing rapidly and giving me no trouble. I do hope I am free from the blooming hay fever after this.

Aunt Maggie’s death was a great shock to me, as I had no idea she was likely to go in this way. Dad and Nerta just mentioned it in their letters. The poor girls, they will feel terribly. I do hope Vera is able to go West. How lovely that she saw Auntie so recently.

It has been rather warm around here, a couple of times lately, but we pulled thro without mishap. A great many of our boys have been recommended for Commissions in the R.A.F. about twenty being up at present. Two have left, one being McCain with whom I knocked around at Moose. He was later made a sgt., and of course this took him out of my class, but I will miss him. Begg another of the chums of Moose days, will be going soon and as I have likely told you, Andrews has left for Canada. He will be down to see you as soon as he gets back. He is a very peculiar little beggar, but we hit it off fine to-gether.

We have a couple of Sisters here who know Vas well and say he was only very slightly wounded and is O.K. I believe he came to France on the same boat I did, altho they are not sure. I don’t see how I ever missed him, because it was a small boat and we were all in a small camp to-gether for at least a week or ten days. I think he must have come over with an advance party and landed possibly here, as our party did.

I am sure sorry about Earl Parker, would not be surprised if Gordon gets in the same fix as he always looked like a T.B. and his overseas life would not help it any, believe me.

Now, re. the milk and parcels in general. The unsweetened milk is best, but for the present at least – and until I ask, – I will not require any more. I think that from now on it would be better if you sent only one parcel a month and confine it to say sox, coffee, those oatmeal or similar cakes and chocolate as maple buds, bars or chocolates. We are really getting fed exceptionally well, and I get so many parcels, that lately the stuff has been piling up. Of course in the winter it will likely be different. My Appetite hasn’t been as good either, but I will soon be on my feet again. With the other parcels I had one from Eastbourne and there were tomatoes in it. They weren’t half pulp either.

Well My Dear, I think I will go for a walk around the grounds and get a little air. I haven’t been away from the place for two weeks or more.

Love to all,
Your loving son,

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