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Date: February 16th 1918
Miriam Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

No. 57.

Dear Mir,

Yours of a month ago, was most welcome, more so, as I know you are so busy. I am busy here, just in fits and starts, but the trouble is, the work is so distributed that I can’t get any afternoon off. My busiest time is 2.30 to 4.00 P.M., and every day, but usually I am thro at 4.00, except of course the first few days of the month.

Funny it was about the same time as this, in the January moon, that I wrote you last, I guess it was a little later tho, as our troubles have not started this month.

I haven’t either of your boxes yet but suppose they will be along soon. The ground is fairly shaking now as there is heavy action some place. Just about 8.30 & I have to beat it as a warning is thro & we have to get busy. 9.30 & the “all clear” has just sounded, but I must go to bed. Not very bad to-night, I did not really expect there would be anything doing.

Here it is 2 P.M. Sunday and now I have a few minutes again. I bought an eyeglass, small screwdriver and a good pair of tweezers and have done a little watch repairing. Of course I have no material and there are only a few little things I can do to them, but do all I can to keep the watches running.

Among the things I sent home, was a three sided, celluloid box with the A.M.C. crest on it, and I would like it sent back again. It is a cover for match boxes, and I did not expect to get any more this style, but we are getting issued with this size now. Another thing I would like is a box of that Dennison silver polish like Electro Silicon, I think it will make good button polish. The only thing I can get here is Brass & it is terribly greasy. I would also like to now what the present wholesale price of Elgin & Wal. 7 & 15t wrist watches is, nickle case & with & without luminous dials. I believe I could sell one or two. I went down with one of the boys the other night while he got one & he got the last Longines this man had, 15t brass, large barrel bridge model, nickle case, non-luminous & it cost him 68 francs. They said it was worth that wholesale now. At present rate of exchange, that is practically 12.00.

It seems too bad to take up your letter this way, but of course I know you send them home. By the way, it is probable that you will not get my letters No’s 48,49, 50 & 51. Let me know tho.

We recieved our first re-inforcements this morning, three men from the Canadian Base. One of our Officers has gone back to Blighty and very shortly now, another officer, a staff sgt., and four or five of the men will be returned. They did not last very long over here. You never can tell tho.

They surely give you deuce of a bunch of night duty, when you once start. What is the idea of such a long stretch of it? still I had nearly three months once, and would rather have it that way. You are lucky to get it at the time of the year you are, anyway. We will both have our two years in soon, & I wish it was three.

Marg. is a silly little beggar to get married, especially when he is likely to be called up before long. Where are they living, & what does he do?

Well now, my Dear I can’t think of anything more of interest to you, always do, tho when I am not writing.

Your loving brother,

[note added by Worth’s Mother:]

Nerta – please return this to me as I have not answered it. but would like [?] So Wed or Thursday.

Dad will write you

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