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Date: February 2nd 1918
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

No. 54.
8.30 P.M.

Dear Dad,

I am very sorry not to have written sooner, but have been really terribly busy. Just finished my month’s returns this minute. Of course I try to get out for about an hour nearly every evening, as I could not stand it inside all the time.

Besides being the month end, there has been a general “shaking-up” in the L.M. Dept. I am still in it, tho don’t know for how long. We are likely to get a new L.M., and then they will probably make more changes. One never knows.

Have had quite a little mail lately, including two parcels from Mother, which I was surely glad to receive. Sox & jam in first one and cake, apples, handkfs in other. All O.K. and very much enjoyed. Also letter from Nert, containing two 5f. notes, thanks, also letters from Mother, and from you.

I am enclosing a [?] envelope, which please keep. You see it came thro from Buffalo (Mrs Chas T), with a Canadian Stamp on it.

Your letters re, the season’s trade are most interesting to me, and I am surely glad it was so good. I sincerely hope, your health continues to improve.

I believe there are some rumors, re this unit, floating around over there & may even be published. But don’t believe them, because the fact that the censor has passed them, shows that they are for publication. Only official news can be relied on.

I did not get any election cable, but saw one that came to the Hop. at Eastbourne, to the Ingersoll chap, who took my place. I think all it said was your vote solicited or something to that effect, but the name was very badly mis-spelled. I guess it was some election.

Harold Burns is the son of an English Ch. clergyman & is likely working with the Elgin people in Toronto. He is a very fine workman, and finished a good repeater while at the school, I am glad he is able to help you. Give him my best.

I wish I knew where No 7 is & could see Dr. Weston, but it is not near us, I am afraid. We seem to be the only Canadians in this area, in fact, I think there are only three hospitals in the area.

Glad you have more gas, we would appreciate some of it over, altho we are most comfortable. I am keeping most well, and everything going fine.

Your affectionate son,

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