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Date: February 21st 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

Raven’s Croft Mil. Hosp.
Seaford, Sussex

My Dear Nerta,

I was indeed glad to get just after going to bed, yesterday morning Dad’s cable. It sure relieved me, and I hope by this time he is feeling much better.

I have had a back tooth bothering me for a couple of days, so yesterday I got up at 1 o’clock noon, had a sick report made out, and took a trip to the dentist. They certainly do a big business here, as 2 P.M. is the opening hour and I was there a few minutes before to find fully twenty-five ahead of me. There are at the Can. Army Dental Corps. quarters at least nine rooms each with at least two operators and one orderly. It does not take them many minutes to do a job either, and I was out there by 2.45, with my tooth filled. These are all Canadian dentists so I think that taking the time they do is chiefly to make you think they are not robbing you. Then of course our men don’t often have as much business as they get here.

I have two very sick pneumonia cases to-night, and as to-morrow is the seventh day for each, I will likely have an interesting night. I think one will be O.K., but am very doubtful about the other. If either one slips out on me during the night, I don’t know what I will do. I will be really worse than Miriam I think.

Thanks for snaps, I have already sent a set to Ivy Olds. My blooming V.P.K. has not shown up. I wrote the Army P.O., to see if they can do anything to locate the parcel. I should have had it at Moore, and wish I had but goodness only knows where it is. One of the boys got a parcel this week tho, mailed Nov 14th. It was received in damage condition tho, and they have been tracing the owner. If mine was doubly wrapped and addressed tho it should not have gone astray.

I have no mail from home this week yet, but one from Kim, posted Jan 29. Of course your last one was posted 27th The Feb letters should begin to come to-morrow, but Canadian mails are most irregular.

Was called to dinner and have just returned 12 o’clock midnight and feel very full, steak potatoes, war-bread and good rice pudding. Not so bad. Eh?

I do hope your cold spell has let up a little. It is not as cold here, but terribly damp, and for several days, the fog has been so thick that you could cut it with a knife. I never thought it could stay so long and so thick.

I am not near enough to Crowborough to see Lieut. McCrae. It is funny for a Lieut. to be lonely anyway. I would look cute calling on a Lieut. I did not know. Did I tell you Harold Kerr is a Lieut in this camp? I don’t know just where he is, so wrote him a note via Army P.O. and asked him to drop in. Of course now that I am on night duty, not likely I will see him.

I understand that Jessie James was only slightly wounded but you say you think he is in an English Hospital so he must have been wounded again. Do you know that a soldiers mail goes to France and is then returned to wherever he is in England, when they have been wounded. No wonder it takes them so long to get letters sometimes.

Yes that hard sure melted. There was only about a table spoon left but I could not see where it had run to if it had run out, so thought you had only put in a little.

Yes, just five hours difference in our times, and I suppose you have just finished the dishes. I often compare times and just picture you as I think you will be at that time.

Did I tell you that Winnie Lovgood was at Moore to see Alex while I was there? Alex brought her down to ward 5, but I had gone up to draw the rations and he thought I had gone down town, so did not wait. I was sorry not to have seen her.

Some class to Berniece’s presents, were they all from the family? It seems no time when I look back, since she was a kid in the Bedford.


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