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Date: August 18th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis


Aug 18/44

My Dearest Audrey:-

Hi there darlin, what’s cookin?? I’ll wait till I get back for the answer - actions speak louder than words, that is if the right words are spoken. Comprenez-vous. That last word is French in case you don’t know it. Well hon we aren’t at our old stomping grounds now, we’re at a different place and is it ever lousy. I guess it could be said that it used to be as it sure took a beating during the blitz. I went ashore yesterday to go to a show but I had seen them all or else there was some English picture showing and you know what they are like so-o-o. I just walked around a bit taking in all the sights that used to be – not very interesting though. There are sure a lot of places to go swimming around here but the weather is the big draw back. We just leave a place with lots of sunshine and no swimming and come to a place were there are lots of places to swim but the weather is rotten. Some fun – Oh yeah I met a Can. sailor yesterday who is from Nan. His name is Kynock; leave it to me to forget his first name, but he says he knows you. He got in the navy last Nov. and is on a destroyer now. We don’t know how long we are going to be in this place so there is no telling when we will get our mail. If we are here for any length of time they might forward it on to us then again we may have to wait till we come off leave and gosh only knows when that will be.

I have nearly all my gear packed, did that to-day along with quite a bit of washing etc. – thank gosh that is done. [ink now darker] Just gave the pen a transfusion. I just happened to think – no plans – that you are still on your vacation, lucky gal. How is that poor hoise now???? I’ll bet it is a proper sway back now. Don’t they have the S.P.C.A. anymore? Ha Ha Ha. Who does all the cooking? I sure feel sorry for the other one having to take so much bicarbonate of soda. Do you think (ha ha-) that your boss would let you have the other week of your holidays, say, in the next couple of months? It is a “50-60” chance that I might be home then, or even sooner. We are just waiting around now to see where we are going to take our ship for decommissioning, then we get a few days leave and what happens after that is a mystery to us. time will tell.

Well darlin I think I’ll go and have me a shower and a shave then write a letter to Buzz; haven’t written to him yet so best I get crackin on it. He will be another week in the hospital, then a couple of weeks in a convelescent home. We might be able to get leave at the same time. Sure hope so.

Well my darling this is about all for now; so will close hoping to get some of your letters real soon. Give my love to your Mom and Dad and all the family, say hello to Lorna, Rae, Betty [and?] Joyce and anyone else I know. Sure miss you and love you hon. All the gang send their regards.

All my Love and Millions of Kisses
Xxxx Bill xxxxxx
[note added with an arrow pointing to the “x’s” above:] I intend to collect on all of these

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