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Date: June 21st 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

June 21/44

My Dearest Audrey:

Hi there darlin here I be again. I received letter no. 57. to-day, sure was swell to get it too, it only took 10 days to get here; not bad eh? DARLIN – what do you mean by calling your letters “gruesome episodes?” They are far from it duck; your letters are the most welcome things over here. Thank gosh your arm doesn’t ever suffer from writer’s cramp, like mine does – sometimes. I got a letter off to your mom on [word scribbled out] (messy aren’t I??) Mon. night; guess your mom is just about ready to shoot me eh. Also wrote one to my mom last night but I still owe “Nick,” Pat, Ruth, Marg (sister), George and Mary G. Lew and Lorna. I’m going to try and get a couple of them wrote to-night if I can. Yep Gord beat me to it when he told you to save the hair you get cut off when you get your perm; bet he wouldn’t have if I was there. Wonder just what kind of a rug it will make??? HA!HA! You must be getting awfully soft if you can’t row a boat over to the island without getting sore hands. Bob and I used to row from the base over to the store for ice-cream quite often; we never got sore hands tho, but we got our fill of ice-cream – trust us. Think I’ll make you row me all the way around the island; The exercise will do you good – gotta watch that stenographers spread you know. If you dont – I will -AHEM. Say gal what ever gave you the idea that I might snore? I’ve never woke myself up or caught myself at it yet. Gosh help you if you do it tho, because if there is any snoring going on I can’t get to sleep; so just bear that in mind. So you do remember the time I threw my hat in first. Oh well – I was only an hour late and you gotta admit that it was the only time I was late i.e. unless your watch (Massey Harris) was wrong. Ha Ha

I would like to have seen you when Jack D. threw the water [bottom of page torn]sends the picture. Are there many people going over to the island this year? Sure wish I was there now; I could even see you when on duty over the week-ends. Us guys sure hated to leave that place but Courtney wasn’t too bad cause I could get down to Nan. quite often but not often enough for me. Sure will be good to get back home again. Jim just blew in; should say staggered; he is feeling kinda high if you know what I mean. I went to a dance last night, had two waltzes, then came back to the “ship” and wrote a letter to mom. Went into town and saw a George Formby picture – “Get Crackin” was the name but it wasn’t so hot, just a couple of “choice” songs is all. Well darlin guess I had better be signing off for this time. Hope you are getting these O.K. All the fellows say hello. Ian is on leave just now for a couple of days or so. Give my love to all the family. Say hello to all the guys and gals I know. “Cheerio” duck.

All my Love and Millions of Kisses
Xxxx Bill xxx


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