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Date: February 21st 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Feb. 21/44

My Dearest Audrey:

Hi there sweetheart here I be in another attempt for a fairly decent letter. Well honey it is nearly like old times again now that nearly all the F.R.s are here. Ian blew in yesterday which nearly knocked Jim P. and I for a loop. It is the first time that we had seen him since we were broken up at our previous quarters. Ian and Jim went out and celebrated but I was on duty and couldn’t get away. Ian’s wife had a baby girl a short while ago, 9 lbs. 6oz. and I think that they had a pint of ale for every pound she weighed as when Jim got back he was really quite drunk. I was in the galley all nite baking pies. No wise cracks duck as they turned out to be pretty good even if I do say so myself. I made four raisin pies and mincemeat and also a whole bunch of tarts filled with elder berry jelly which we had before we went to bed. Boy was it ever a hot job though, I bet I lost five pounds. The officer said they were very good so I am going to make a bargain with the coxswain and that is on my nights of duty that I’ll make the pastry and stuff providing I don’t have to stand a sentry watch, other wise no more pastry or desserts. When I get back duck you can forget I was a Galley Slave cause I have one old fashioned idea in me and that is a woman does the cooking etc. Just between the two of us duck I don’t mind being in the dough. Don was telling me he had a couple of letters from his mom last week and she said you hadn’t been getting many letters. Gosh darling I am sure sorry if you haven’t cause I’ve wrote on the average of three a week, even if there isn’t much in them. Our craft still hasn’t had any mail yet but I suppose when we get it there will be more letters than we can read in a nite.

I was up to the dentists’ to-day and had a tooth filled, wasn’t anything like the time at Nanaimo. I was only in the chair about fifteen minutes, then I waited another five while a pal of mine had one pulled, after that we walked around town for a while went and had dinner and then to a show; we saw Betty Grable in “Sweet Rosie O’Grady,” not a bad show. Did you see it?

Going to shows and having the odd pint is about all I do over here but I’m satisfied just as long as I have you to come back to and darling that is all I want after this is over. Miss you a lot darling. Well my darling I reckon I had better close for now, Jim and Ian say hello. Give my love to your mom and dad, Lorna and Burnie and the gang on Newcastle. I love you with all my heart honey. “Cherrio” just now.

All my Love and Kisses
X Bill xxx

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