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Date: January 27th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Jan 27/44

My Dearest Audrey:

Hi there duck I just received your parcel so am writing pronto. Boy is it ever swell; I can’t express my thanks and love to for sending it so if I just say Thanks a million darling, I love you and always will, you will know just what I mean. It was sure a lucky night for me when Ian McKay introduced us. Do you still remember it? Golly what a night that was. Believe it or not hon that was the last bender I was on till the night I left Courtenay; and only three since then.

You were asking about our course. Well to-day is the last day of our exams. We had our written test yesterday but I don’t know my marks as yet. It sure was a dowser no fooling. Our R/T procedure is on to-day and are the boys ever sore at the examiner wowie fur has been flying all morning and we haven’t finished yet. We were taught how to operate a set one way by a P.O. and another way by a sergeant in the army now this high and mighty so and so comes along and blasts the ––– out of us for doing either way. Right now the score is 50-50 for telling each other off, this after-noon should see the final results. What a hectic day it has been, Scotch mist and then this big “drip” to test us. We are going on leave to-morrow providing our leave isn’t stopped, hope not.

Our Signal Officer wants us to meet him in town (Troon) to-night in a local pub and put the finishing touches to the course. What a guy he is. I don’t think I’ll be going in tho as I have to finish my packing and fixing my hammock. Gosh hon talk about you people paying money to the government, I’ll be doing the same thing. My papers fin caught up with me. I’ve been receiving full pay so far and yesterday they gave me £9-10 sh. and what gets me is they know about the allotment. Boy am I ever in the red. Don received your Xmas card to-day and says thanks a lot and he will write real soon. I also received five of your letters to-day. Dec. 13; 18, 20, Jan 13 and 15, got one from Mum too, sure is good to hear from her. From what she said, Dad didn’t have much of a holiday this year.

If I have time to-night I will write Mary and George a letter. Sure was swell of all you people to send the choc. Bars, candy, smokes etc. They sure go good over here. Gosh duck I have enough soap to last at least four months also shave soap and tooth-powder. Thanks a million hon for wanting to send all that, sure am a lucky guy. Well my darling this is all for now will write again real soon. Give my love to all the folks over there. I’ll always love you so every thing is mutual eh? “Cheerio” just now.

All my Love and Kisses
Xxxx Bill xxxxX

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