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Date: January 26th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Jan 26/44.

My Dearest Audrey:-

Hi there darlin, whats new? Sorry I didn’t write last night as I said I would but I thought I would wait till to-night and let you know the results of the first part of our exams. I didn’t do too badly in morse and semaphore, 92% and 97%. I just hope the results of the written and oral tests are as good. We have them to-morrow and Friday so will write as soon as I know the results. Don got over 90 in his tests 93 and 90, we could have got more if it wasn’t for the confounded wind blow-in our eyes and making them run; however it doesn’t pay to know too much. On Sat. our class went out to an airport and had a ride in an Avro Anson. We were up for half an hour and was it ever swell; I should have taken my discharge and joined the Airforce as I sure go for this flying business We were all over the country side and over our own camp too. I’ll have to look up some of my pals over here and go for a few more rides. I heard the hit Parade on Sat. when we were at the airport and my favorite “Paper Doll” was 1st. Finally made it eh honey? On Sun. Don and I went up to Glasgow and saw the Stevensons. They are all well and fine. Peggy showed me the picture of the four of us over at Newcastle. Do you remember the day? I sure do, and sure wish I were back there. (Gosh honey but I miss you. Anyway Don and I had to leave a little early so as to get back to camp and on the way back we had a good laugh in the bus. A couple of girls who sat in front of us kept turning around and looking at us; finally one of them said I looked like Franchot Tone, well we got to thinking and then told her that she reminded us of a film star too, and she asked us who it was we said “Minnie Mouse,” it darn near brought the bus down. They thought Don and I were “Jordies,” just because we were trying to immitate the way a “Jordie” talks. Your dad and mom should know what a “Jordie” is. The pay office over here has finally caught up with my papers and after this pay I’ll be in the red ink, but definitely. They are going to give me £9/10, around $45 in our money, to-morrow and from then on I tread lightly

Don and I are going down to see his aunt for a couple of days and then back up to Newcastle for a few more and then to our new base, wherever that is. Well my darling it is supper time and I’m good and hungry as usual, ha ha beat you to it, so will close for now. Give my love to everyone, Don says hello as always. I’ll always love you darlin and hope you will do the same. “Cheerio” for now honey, will write soon.

All my Love and Kisses
xx Bill x


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