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Date: January 18th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Jan 18/44.

My Dearest Audrey:

Hiya darling here I be again, sorry I’ve taken so long but I’ve been trying to catch up with my letter writing. That is about all Don and I have been doing this past week since we received that big shipment of mail. We should be getting another bunch pretty soon. Sure hope it isn’t long cause I’m dyin to hear from you and I hope you realize by now that I love you and wish that I could be with you to tell you how much, but maybe these letters will do; I sincerely hope so

Well darling things are a little dull over here just now and I’m getting a little tired of it all. It is the same old thing, day in and day out; the only things that are different are the shows and even then we have seen some of them before we came over here. We use our classroom as a writing room because it is the only place in camp that is warm or anyways near it. Darn near freeze over here half the time. Tell your mom and dad that the next time I come over here it is going to be in the summer time. Boy did I ever pick a fine time to come over, “wow.”

I had a letter from your cousin Peggy in Glasgow on Thursday. She said she had just received a letter from you, also some photoes. I haven’t received mine yet; or did you forget to send them? I wrote right back to her, I believe it was five or six pages too. How I managed that many is beyond me, but I “dood” it.

All of the old gang is here now except for a couple who didn’t make the medical. I was talking to Lieut. McGregor and Bond yesterday and they were really glad to see us again. Some of the boys were out on a bender last night in town, and me, I was put on Shore Patrol. Did they ever have heavy heads this morning “whewie” so maybe it is just as well I couldn’t join them. Some of them were still a little woozy in church this morning.

How is the Benson family coming along? Always give “Maggie” and Lew my regards I’d give anything to see the “young un”! Have Pat and Merle been down to see you yet? It would have been swell if they could have gotten down at Xmas as Fred (Pats man) was supposed to be at our house for dinner and you could have met him.

Well darlin this is all there is room for just now but will write again real soon. Best regards to your mum and dad, Lorna, Burnie and the gang on the island. “Cheerio” for now honey. I’ll always love you.

All My Love and Kisses
x Bill x

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