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Date: January 17th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

[Editor’s note: The date on the original letter is written as “43” but this is believed to be a dating error made by Curtis; the letter’s content places it in 1944.]

Jan. [17?]/43

My Dearest Audrey:

Hello darling here I be, a little late, but, just by a day; hope you aren’t sore at me. Well honey we went down to Ayre but we didn’t get our fortunes told, as we had planned. We got there about 1:30 and all the stores were closed till 3:00 [sooo?], we paid a visit to a local pub, but only for one pint. We spent the rest of the day playing snooker and then had our supper of fish and chips. By golly when I leave this country I’ll never eat them again, but, at the present it is all a person can get. After supper we met some more of the old gang from Courtenay so it was back to the pub for a couple of more pints. A Pal of mine (Keith Lindsay) and I left the pub and went up to the ice arena to see if we could get some skates but it was no dice darn it. Boy did that ice ever look good. The arena is just a little larger than Nanaimo’s but I still prefer to skate on the latter. We left Ayre at 8:15 and went back to Troon for more refreshments and then to the dance. Saw a couple of our officers there and was sure surprised to see them in their same old civie suits.

We missed the last bus back to camp so had to walk it and were my dogs ever sore, whewie!!! I won’t miss the bus again if I go into town again; walking is too much work and there are very few cars on the road to give a person a lift. It isn’t like home. I didn’t do much of anything yesterday except sleep and here it is Monday morning and just 8:20 a little early for writing letters but I said I just had to write to you so here I am, and in the classroom at that. We don’t start classes for twenty minutes yet so maybe I can get this wrote before we do start. Say honey I’m saving thrupenny-bits and am going to have a necklace and bracelet made for you. They look pretty swell too providing they are kept polished, but that will be your worry Ha Ha Ha.

Well darling I was expecting a letter from you last week but none came, sure hope there are lots this week. Are you receiving all of my little notes? How is everyone in Nanaimo? That is, all the ones I know and especially you. Sure miss you duck and am loving you more than ever, if it could be possible to do so. Give my regards to your mom and dad, Lorna and Burnie, Maggie and Lew and the fellows on the island. Gosh darlin I had better be closing now but will write a couple of more letters this week; Cheerio for now honey and I love you and always will.

All my Love and Kisses
  x x  x
x Bill x  X
  x x x

B.R. Curtis A/B V69246
c/o C.F.M.O. Kings House
10 Hay Market St.
London, S.W. 1

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