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Date: December 19th 1943
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Dec 19/43.

My Dearest Audrey:-

Hiya honey here I am again with a few lines to let you know that I am out of the sick-bay ward and darn glad of it too. I spent twelve days in that place and that was plenty for me. The doc says my tonsils have to come out but I told they were staying in for the time being as I have already missed two weeks classes and don’t intend to miss anymore. I might have them out at the end of January after I have my leave then I’ll get a few days leave after the operation which shouldn’t be too bad.

Gosh honey here it is only six days till Xmas, it doesn’t seem as though it is over here. Golly I sure wish I could be back on the island this year. Christmas will just be another day to Don and I, but we’ll be with you next year and we don’t mean maybe. I haven’t been up to see the Stevensons yet, it is only a couple of hrs. ride on the bus to Glasgow, but I could only be able to stay an hour or so then I would have to head back to camp. Don and I might go to see them on Dec. 26 if we aren’t on duty. We get three days leave at New Years so Don wants me to go with him down to Newcastle and visit some of his relations. We should have a fairly busy time within the next two weeks seeing the country. How are things in Nanaimo? Same as ever I guess. don’t ever get the urge to travel duck, just stay in Nan. that is one town that can really be called “paradise.” And I’m not kidding.

Have you become an Auntie yet? I still don’t know cause I haven’t had any letters yet, not even one from home. Are you receiving my letters O.K.? Did you receive the telegram at Xmas?

Well darling this is about all for now so give my regards to your mom and dad and the rest of the gang. Write soon and don’t forget our date when this is over. So-long for now honey

All my Love and Kisses

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