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Date: August 31st 1917
Richard May


Pte. RICHARD MAY writes his sister as follows:

France, August 7th, 1917

Dear Sister Margeruite:
Just a few lines hoping to find you all well, as it leaves myself the same at present. Well Margeruite, 1 just received your kind and welcome letter and was very glad to hear from you. You asked me in your letter if I ever hear from Annie. Yes, I had two letters and I got a nice parcel last night of cigarettes and cigars and she wrote there is a letter following.

But I did not get the letter yet, and I am waiting for it so 1 can answer it, and thank her for her kindness. The cigars are a treat, and when 1 am smoking one it makes me think of Sunday afternoon, sitting in the parlor playing the gramophone. But cheer up, this war is not going to last much longer. Tell brother Bill to get a good fat goose, for I think I will be home for Christmas. That is just an idea I have and I hope it will be so. You said in your letter that I will be able to learn you to talk French when I come home. Well I'll be able to talk a little French, but not much, for it is hard to get my tongue around some of the big words. But I'll bring a French book home with me and you can learn yourself if you like. But you don't want to start talking French if I'm around for I don't love the language, and the more I hear of it, the less I like it. It sounds like frogs in the spring of the year to me. Well, Margeruite, I guess I have to bring this letter to a close for it is getting dark.

The above letter was written three days before Pte. May was wounded.