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Date: January 16th 1944
Miriam Biollo - (sister)
Peter Biollo

Jan 16, 1944

Dear Miriam:

Hello honey; at last I got your swell letter. Of course I loves you and you’re a swell sister to have and always have been. I’ve always been a hard guy to get along with, sometimes it’s a wonder people can or could live with me. Anyway, you’re tops as far as I’m concerned honey. I sure would like to write to your boy friend, how about sending me his address? I also would like very much to meet him, but I guess that can’t very well be done – yet anyway eh? ha-ha. Say tell him not to envy me Sis, I’d give practically anything to be back in good old Canada and able to drop around and see the gal friend, although I guess I haven’t got one there any more. Edie apparently doesn’t like me much anymore – boo-hoo. Oh well, I guess I’m not as “cute” as I thought ha-ha-ha. I’ve still got her picture anyway and that’s some consolation. The girls over here are all out for young Canuck airmen, boy and I don’t mean maybe. They all want to marry us not for what we are but for our money, rank and to get over and see Canuck land. They aren’t all like that of course, but you gotta watch your step or you’ve “had it”. I sure hope everything works out OK for you and your Jack, he sounds O.K. to me. The weather is a little worse these last few days – foggy and damp. Last week we had lovely clear frosty days and I sure enjoyed the prairie nip in the air; it brought back swell memories to me of skiing by the river and hockey at Gyro and many other swell experiences – oh woe is me.

My Xmas wasn’t bad, but I missed you all very much and thought of you all, all the time. I myself hope the next one finds me home with you all. I guess you’ll find my writing rather different but I have to write fast if I ever want to answer all my mail, especially now as I’m being moved around from camp to camp trying [bust?] in on my new and last course since I lost my crew.

Say, tell me something, why is everyone so quiete about Edie? I don’t get it? Why not give me the low down – I can take it. I haven’t heard from her for months and if some people don’t watch out I’ll be bringing home an English bride – that’ll be the day. But come on give me the real “gen” about her eh? I’ve a fair idea what’s going on anyway. Well dear I must pack up for now, write soon. Bye for now, give all a kiss for me. God bless you my big Sis.

Loads of Love

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