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Date: 15th 1943
Mom, Dad & Family
Peter Biollo

Thursday Nite

Dear Folks at Home,

Hello everybody, so glad to receive your letters – thanks Miriam and hope you get better soon. I’ll write you soon. I sure am sorry to hear Barbara has a bad eye. Hope she gets well soon. How are the rest of y’all? Fine I hope. I have been feeling very punk myself this week – flu I think. I was told to report to the hospital on Tuesday, but I didn’t go because I would be set back while in the hospital. We finished exams today and are waiting for results. Wings parade is next Friday so I should be home next Sunday morning, but I’ll wire you when I get near home – probably from Saskatoon. Incidentally at last I have set a real record in our course – I made a direct hit from 8,000′ up – that’s high – my pilot sure was pleased. That new air bombers wing isn’t bad is it? I am bringing home some of the navigation logs I do in the air and some of my aerial photos for you to see. We fly 5 times next week so I’ll be pretty busy eh what? The exams were very tough so I am not making predictions. Sorry! I hear Johnny is in Rivers A.O.S., Manitoba. It’s only about 80-100 miles from here. I am sure sorry he didn’t come here. But he is fortunate tho as you can hardly eat here. I buy ½ my meals in the “civie canteen”. The weather is terrible, it has snowed the last 2 days and cold and windy. It’s a heck of a hole. Edmonton has it beat a mile. I’ll bet Ray was cute in his outfit. Gee I sure would have liked to have seen him. I may meet George in England yet! Tom wrote me about the car and I think it’s a good idea too! Oh, yes I got the money order O.K. Thanks a lot. I sure have 2 good looking sisters alright. I realized that long ago. How about two bits girls! Ha-ha. There was no altar boy last Sunday so I tried to do the job. It’s surprising how the Latin came back. I really enjoyed serving again. I’m glad you like my poem. I sure put a lot of work to it. So I am well rewarded by your pleasure over it. thanks! That Easter egg was swell and cute. I nearly fell over when I unwrapped the papers and found it. Thanks also for the new batch of papers Dad – thanks a lot. I’m sorry Grandad is under the weather. I hope he recuperates soon.

Hope you get better soon Mimi; I’ll bet you’re a sight. Ha, ha. Sorry Mimi. I really am sorry. So, best of luck Sis. So your shoes are honey’s eh Mom. I’ll bet you’re a real “honey”. Woops. But really your the sweetest Mom in the world and Dad by darn you’re the best yet. In fact by golly I belong to the snappiest household in Canada. How’s that. But I really mean it. It sure is going to be good to get home again. I got quite a let down tho the other day, because we found out we only get 14 days leave minus travelling time. So I will only be home about 7 or 8 days. I will have to drop the trip to the coast. I was going to drop it anyway so that O.K. I guess I’ll go into town and buy my Canada badges and wing tomorrow or Saturday. The issued ones are too cheap to wear I think. Boy I’ll be glad to get out of this place. It’s the worst place I have ever been, even in spring. I just now got 2 marks from the 5 exams. 1. Aircraft Recognition 96%. 2. Aldis 100%. I’ll know the others Sunday. They are the toughest. So cross your fingers. And don’t get too set on this commission business. I don’t want you to be disappointed. It’s just luck when you get one.

What is the weather like at home? Are the leaves out yet? How big is my camera? I haven’t heard from Johnny lately, I guess I’ll hear from him soon. We have been on duty watch this last week and have consequently been confined to barracks. So I guess I’ll go to a dance in town Saturday nite. They are poor shows but that’s all there is to do. It will be nice to take the girl friend to the Memorial in Edmonton. By all accounts Edmonton is a growing concern. Boy it sure appears to have a great future. Boy I sure hope my stomach feels better when I get home. It sure has been troubling me lately. But I won’t go to the hospital because I’d be kept back in this hole. But I am confident your cooking will fix me up Mom!! eh what? It’s sure good to think I’ll be a sergeant in a week. Boy what a day that is going to be. Well dears I have to go over and help clean up the canteen now, so I’ll sign off. Bye now

Love and the best to all.

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Original Scans