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Date: 8th 1943
Mom, Dad & Family
Peter Biollo

[missing pages – begins on page “III”]

As for a commission, I don’t believe I am the type, too young and all that you know. No I think I’ll be lucky to get to be a sergeant at any rate. I am thru being a confirmed optimist at any rate. About ⅓ of the class will get commissions anyways. Which is in my estimation a fair average. There will also be a few instructors out of our class. They all get commissions I believe.

Ray should make a good altar boy, his big bruvver wasn’t bad, was he? It sure is going to be grand to get home and see you all, and I hope all the youngest won’t have grown too much. Hello there Ray and Loretta and Dorsie, Ramona, and Elvie and Fran and Mimi how about a letter or two, have you all got writer’s cramp? I won’t bring you any presents home if you don’t write so there too. I’m glad you got your war bond Ray, I had forgotten all about it. Little Barbara sure is lucky isn’t she. She must have quite a wardrobe.

Boy are my feet cold!! Some of the lads are shovelling snow out of the hut. It came in under the door and we had quite a little drift, all of our own.

Bette is ok I guess. I don’t hear much from her anymore. I don’t really care to be bothered with her much anyway. There is too much to be done first in this world of ours! I am going to write the folks as soon as I finish this. I hope Granny will feel better soon.

The food has been much better lately, thank heaven. Boy I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my philosophy books [?] read. The more I read them the more I find out what I don’t know. I received a nice letter from Jean and Tom and they tell me the flowers are in bloom. Boy I sure would like to get out there for a while. I really miss the coast and this desolate dump makes the coast all the more entrancing. I got another letter from Tonie and apparently she is quite rapped up in an English Lieutenant. Apparently she hasn’t heard from Dick at all. Well I’ve gossiped long enough, not it’s your turn.

Love and kisses and stuff to All

P.S. Rumors put it that we are going to get a double wing.

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Original Scans