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Date: 5th 1943
Mom, Dad & Family
Peter Biollo

Friday 1943.

Hello Everybody:

Here I am again, hoping as always that this letter finds you all well and in good spirits. Speaking of health, boy have I been tired lately, mainly because I make from 4 to 6 flights a day; each one lasting 1½ to 2 hours. I have dropped about 60 bombs so far and am doing about average work with them. Speaking of flying: I have seen some things from 4,000′ that many people have never seen or ever will see, such as Tuesday morning. We took off about 6.30 A.M. and climbed to 4,500 feet. The sun was just coming up over a bank of purple, silver-lined clouds; as the sun rose higher the earth slowly began to unveil, revealing snowy dust topped hills, while the sides of the hills were pure white, thus giving me the impression of looking directly into a man’s brain from above. Then about 10 miles away the window panes of Mossbank houses reflected the rays of the sun like diamonds in a royal crown, the affect was utterly devastating. Most people truly don’t realize the absolute beauty of our world, especially in the morning. I most honestly believe too many people live in a boarded-in, self centered life, realizing only physical and material enjoyment; whereas so much beauty and true life enjoyment can be found out of doors, in natures manifestations. When I was up in that plane I was utterly lost in the wonders of natures pageant. Why people must be so one tracked and resigned to habits of so called modern civilization, excluding all that does not concern them financially or otherwise is below or beyond my reason.

Enough of my philosophy. How are you all? Did Ray get my letter. Say Ray how about a letter from you. Gee I sure miss you all chillun. It sure is going to be grand to see you all. How big is my wee sister Barbara, Dolores? Well why don’t you write and tell me all about her. Say listen chillun how about all of you writing me one letter between you and then I’ll write you all a letter between you. How about it eh?

I received another letter from Toni, she seems to be having a lovely time. She has the impression from my letter that I am a pilot. I must write her again and set her straight.

I will probably be able to fly a plane alone before I leave here, as I take over and give the pilot a rest nearly every time up. That is of course when I am not busy. Incidentally we took of to bomb today from 1,000 feet but just as we got over the target, the ceiling came down so we headed for home. The pilot went back to have a smoke and asked me to fly her awhile, which I very readily did. Well what do you know another ship came up beside me and we flew about 10′ apart. I could see some of my chums in the other ship grinning out. So I turned our plane on its side and fell away just like in a show. Boy what fun – I’m getting to be quite a flyer even if I say so myself.

I am just about thru here, just a few low levels and nites too due. Night bombing is fascinating. From the target at 4,000′ we can see Moose Jaw 40 miles away and Regina 80 miles away.

You are all by yourself in your hatch with your distributor, bombsight, 18 selector switches, 2 nose and tail bomb fusing switches, rheostatic lamps, electrical and Gasport intercom, computor, pencils pads, airspeed, height and temp. instruments and bomb firing switch etc, etc, and very cosy “when its warm”. You can see little lights like fireflys flickering all over the place. Once in a while a shaft of light bursts out over the ground when a farmer opens his door to watch you go over. It’s all very entrancing. Well folks, I should be out of here about Tuesday – “not for sure” – as our posting is in, I don’t know where to yet. It’s great to think it’s my last trainee posting, then wings. Boy have I ever sweated for them. Some guys say its EASY, well maybe I am extra dumb. I may be lazy and unambitious to some people, but I can honestly say I really have worked to get this far.

Flying is washed out tonite due to snow and general low ceiling. I’m glad, as it gives me a chance to get a few letters and read some good books. We have quite a good station library, and I have read some very good works and am now all the more resolved to travel this world over and see what kind of a place I am living in. I must say goodnite now and Mom you just quit writing mushy stuff to me, “don’t believe me”. I love it. Bye now.

Love to all [with arrow pointing to very large “X” and drawing of a head winking]

[postscript added at top of page one:]
Thanks again for the grand parcel and also for the papers Dad and the stamp corners.


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