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Date: 4th 1943
Mom, Dad & Family
Peter Biollo


Dear Mom, Dad and Family,

Well here I am again. I would have written sooner but I have been flying nite and day and writing final exams on top of that. I am glad you are fine Mom and I hope Barbara is tops also. Boy I sure am dying to see her. Thanks ever so much for the poem, it is really beautiful. I wish I could write like that.

I am sending the only negative I have of the girls and we boys. Will you please send me a print of it? I am also sending a picture of my “chariot”. It’s a honey isn’t it.

Did you get the correct amount of money on my check this month. It should be $50, shouldn’t it? If not please let me know. How is the weather out there now? It has been warm here lately, but turned cold today.

It was 54° below zero at 3,000 feet today during my bombing trip. I froze my fingers pretty well, but there were no blisters. The pilot’s hands got so cold that I had to fly the plane when I got mine warm. I have done some flying now and pretty soon I will be able to land one. You can get a lot of piloting here if you meet the “windy” or co-operative pilots. So now I know what it is like to be a pilot and it sure is easy. I sure am going to be a pilot yet. I got a letter from Johnny last week. He seems to like Dafoe. – Well we have written most of our finals and I only have one result so far, I’ll send the rest later. I got 85% in the bombing final. This course isn’t as hard as I.T.S, but maybe I am just in the groove. We are scheduled to graduate Mar. 12 and I don’t know where I will go next, but it will the last leg. Then embarkation leave. I sure hope I am sent to Edmonton A.O.S. next time. Oh say, a fellow just came in with my Aldis Lamp final mark I got 100%. How do you like that. It’s nice to think I’ll be a sargent in about 8 weeks. This bombing isn’t as exciting as gunnery, but man are you ever kept busy upstairs. What with correcting readings on the instruments to put on the computor to put on the bombsight. Finding wind speed and direction. Working knobs and switches, plotting where bomb bursts, time, errors, temp, height, speed, and a myriad of other things to be written down and worked out and errors analyzed in the air. No I don’t get leave after I finish here, I go straight to an A.O.S. I haven’t heard from Alex so far. I guess I won’t either. I am going to write to Tony tonite also. So I will close now and drop a line to Raymond. I sure will be glad to see him and the girls. Here’s hoping all goes well with all.


P.S. I’ll sure be glad to get those eats Mom. Yummy!

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