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Date: 3rd 1943
Mom, Dad & Family
Peter Biollo

Sameplace 1943

Howdy Folks,

Well I got the good news okay and I sure am glad to hear both are doing fine. Boy I’ll really have something to see when I get home – eh what. I have been handing out cigars around here, since I got the telegram on behalf of Mr. Biollo Sr. Say what color are her eyes and hair? How heavy is she? Give my love to Mom and Barbara, boy am I ever thrilled. I feel like yelling out loud from the control tower. It seems all great things come at once – I got 90% in my mid-term bombing exam and 100% in an aircraft rec. test. They sure can’t put a crimp in us eh folks? What time and day was she born? It sure seems funny to write Barbara, it is the first time that I have ever written that name. It’s pretty isn’t it. Barbara – mm – very very sweet. Was Dad all a fluster girls? Was he? U-huh! Well here are my “Congratulations” and I am praying for them. I will close now and send me the particulars. I want to thank you for the papers too Dad, the’re swell. Bye now.

Love to all and little Barbara

Boy arn’t you lucky Ray – give Barbara a kiss for me, eh laddy.

Original Scans

Original Scans